Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Marathon update!

This is the lovely t-shirt we received for doing the marathon...does this look like some runner/flasher/cowboy to anyone else? I can't get over the shirt...I laugh every time I look down at my shirt...they are hideous!!! This my friends is the reward I received for completing 26.2 miles of pain and endurance! Ok, so they did give us a finishers medal but really...who designed these shirts????

Now for the news....

We awoke at 2:15 am to be certain we were at the location to be picked up by the bus at 3:15. They informed us that they had upped the time from what they had previously posted...previous the buses were supposed to be 3:45 & 4:15am...then the switched to 3:15 & 3:45 (they then said do not wait for the last bus as there may not be room for late arrivals).
Valiantly we were there to be on the 1st bus...as we stood there waiting for the buses....not one came until 3:45!!!! All that wasted sleep for their tardiness!!!

We have come to the conclusion that very few people probably do this marathon twice. Too early and not very well supported!

It was really pretty when the sun started breaking and they had some bagpipes playing in the background...right before we began at 5:30am. The first half was really quick...it was mostly down and canyon...there was a significant assent up the back side of one of little mountain, but I found this to be not too bad. Especially since My sweet cousin-in-law (Adam) loaned me his sweet little shuffle to keep me going...I may just have to invest in one of those little guys.

In the end we had a nice finish and Rick and I both just missed our "Goal" times by just a few minutes....(this may have been avoided had they not been missing a critical water-point around mile 24!) Luckily, Rick's sister Megan was a champ and ran with me the last 4 miles and set the pace to keep me going! As I was complaining about my much need water stop she just kept me going along. Especially on the last mile...Thanks Meg!

Ricks finishing time: 3hrs 12 min (goal 3:10)...Collette's: 4hrs 3 min (goal 4:00). We just figure that this is a training run for the Sept. Marathon.
The best part of the whole Marathon is when I get to the finish line (or a little before) and Ricky is there cheering me on....really, it makes it all worth while...Knowing that together we succeeded in finishing our much anticipated marathon! I love running with this guy! He is amazing! How lucky/blessed we are to be physically capable of doing this together!


Abby Norman said...

I look up to both of you a ton for even doing this run. I honestly don't have a clue how you do it!
I'm sorry for the flaws in the running plan...(missing water stops, tardiness....) but yer alive, right? :)

Traci said...

Congrats on a good race!!! I too am in awe with you guys.

Betina said...

HURRAY! COngratulations!

I hope I can keep up with you in September, I hate the thought of doing it alone, but 4 hours is a big leap for such a long run.

Can't wait to do some training runs together.

Lisa B. said...

that shirt is a riot. well i'm just glad i got to see you both. you both are great!ps. i totally want some of those clips you had in your hair letti. ya know the ones from our childhood? or 90's anyways

mamma letty said...

Ummm...I'll find some and send them your way! :0)

climbingrocks said...

glad that shuffle went to good use...thats the only time that thing will see 26 miles this year...sorry 26.2. did you like that sts9? you probably dont remember which song is by which artist, oh well.

mamma letty said...

Adam, I loved the shuffle...as to which song it was I have no clue. Although, if you were to give me the lyrics I'm certain it would re-surface in my head...next time we'll program a longer list of music...not that I'm complaining it was awesome of you to let me use it...just next time I'll give myself 4 hours worth.