Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy 31 Ricky!

You can see here by his charming good looks and great legs...why I can't help but gloat over such a great husband!
Saturday Ricky turned the big 31. To celebrate, me and the kids took him camping...ate at a little Old European restaurant (not so great), did a 15 mi run, and went and saw Shrek the Third.
All the while, he was his great, accommodating self for my sometimes less-than-well planned out activities.
Tonight, we had his tasty birthday cake. I can't help but wish that we had gone digital back when we were first married...oh, the good pics I would be able to post...but these are pretty good too!

Here is a glimpse at the fun and joy I have, being married to the Rickster. He certainly brightens our world. Rick seems to bring out the best in me...pushing me to new lengths (literally...yesterday he carried all of our water and support for our 15 mi run...Me? I carried nothing!) Not to mention that he frequently will push our two children on 13 mi runs!! His strength and endurance is quite amazing!
(I'm sure he is blushing right now as he reads this...) ;0)
And last but not least...I can't help but adore the fact he adores our kids...and they adore him. He is such a great daddy!
Happy Birthday Numero-Uno Big Papa!

Pics: Ricky on our mother's day ride, Ricky sharing the simple-
but cool things of the world with lil'O, and Ricky and Poppy on the
beach last fall.


Abby Norman said...

He's an awesome brother, too!
You know what I just realized? When I'm 31, Oscar will be 18! (We're the same years apart as Rick and I...)
That's just strange to think about.
Hope you had a nice Saturday. :)

A. Buchanan said...

what a stud rick is. I think he would be a great actor for the Firm II. He totally looks like an older Tom Cruise

Lisa B. said...

i dont know anybody that carries anything and runs 13 miles.. i must be a super woosie! Oh BOY!!!! remember that Rick?? remember ? remember? haha it's my FAVORITE.. when you say that. you really are a stud Rick. Happy Birthday and thanks for taking such good care of our Letti.