Wednesday, February 6, 2008

80's flash

My 80's girl...gotta love the stripes, skirt over pants and all of the chunky jewelery. Fnny, funny girl.
Our Super hero...this is his alter ego batman. He can transform from one to another with the simple flip of the cape!

(I liked wearing it so much, that I'm going to wear it again least this morning, until I run later and actually shower)

Then later in the day I decided to let Oscar hear the song "Holding out for a Hero" form the Foot Loose sound track (since we all know that he is slightly obsessed with heroes)...
I know all of you are bobbing your heads and shouting the lyrics right now, don't hold back, let it all out. He then proceeded to run up and down the hallway playing it over and over again as he is shouting out...."I need a Hero!" to which he would follow with "I'm already a Hero!".
It was hilarious...If only I actually caught it on camera.
I then recently purchased this cheap, but stylin 80's looking shirt from old navy, in my favorite color YELLOW. I wore it for the first time today and could feel all of my dreary wintry melancholy slip away ( I even put a bright pink shirt on underneath). I even wore a pair of dangley earrings just because they matched so well. Yes, my friends this has been a lovely, snowy, gloomy day because of two kids who were so stink'in cute and a bright Yellow shirt!


Jen said...

seriously- you REMEMBER the 80s?! i suppose you benefitted from older siblings, whereas i just had the image of mom in a leotard and leg warmers that i'd like to erase. :)
so, madonna turns 50 this year!!! can you believe it?!
i love that song- it's on the shrek soundtrack, too- i should really watch footloose one day. airplane is on my list as well.
poppy in 80s garb has got to be so cute. she's going to be quite the fashion queen!

JoAnna said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Amazing how silly lil things like that can brighten any winter blues. I think anything from the 80's would brighten my day, just for the pure fact that it was all SO wrong, but absolutely fun at the same itme :). Love ya

Rach said...

Collette per your comment on my blog about wealth. Funnily enough I would have guessed that YOU came from a wealthy family! Probably for the same reasons you mentioned. I remember being slightly surprised when I heard of your background. Lesson: don't judge!