Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ticket to heaven...

(oops...sideways photo of our van full of foodie stuff.)
Although most of my readers (the whole 7 of you) know that I am Mormon, and therefore am encourage to have a 6-12 month supply of food storage, they should also know that I am a procrastinator. Over a year ago we purchased 45-six gallon buckets, specifically for the purpose of hoarding food. Up until this past Saturday those buckets have sat in our storage room...just sitting.
Alas, they now are fulfilling their purpose in this life! We have now filled a good portion of those buckets with a supply of food stuff.
Here is the breakdown:
200lbs White wheat
150lbs Rice
100lbs Rolled Oats
50lbs Black beans
50lbs Pinto beans
25lbs White beans
20lbs Macaroni
50lbs Sugar
25lbs Flour

I'm so glad to know that we now have a small stash to build on. Especially when I see the price of wheat rising to upwards of $18 a bushel.
So if ever you are in the area and need some wheat bread or oatmeal...come on by. I'm sure that it will go nicely with the canned food we put away last year. Oh, and I bought a big thing of olive oil and soy sauce...you know, for cooking with. I'm sure that the pioneers woudl have appreciated some tasty rice with soy sauce. ;0)


Traci said...

We are working on our storage too, finally! I am scoring a bunch of Carla's food storage that they don't want to move with them!!!! yeah for me!

JoAnna said...

i have been doing the same. I have almost a complete years supply of everything we need. The only things I have left to get is the rice, dried milk, dried butter, dried eggs, salt and i think thats about it... its such an amazing feeling to know you have something in case of emergencies.

Rachel said...

I know where I'm going when armageddon hits!