Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebration of life...for Ezra

Persian Sweet and Sour Ratatouille (Taskabab Bedunay Gosht) from Iran. You can find the recipe here (it was too complicated to type out).
Saturday night we had the pleasure of being invited to a "baby shower" of sorts. Only this was a adult party that each couple were to bring a dish from another country, and to share how that country celebrates life.
I recently checked out from the library this great book called "World Vegetarian", by: Madhur Jaffrey's. The recipe turned out to be really cool. It is a bit extensive in time but the result was an exotic fun display of a dish.
For the Iran customs of birth traditions you can check out this site.
As for the other dishes, they were delightful and I think Kelly wins the prize for the most inventive way of presenting her tradition...she mimicked Americans and their need to have a "shower game" that we will refer to as the pooping potato game.
Two teams line up at one end of the room and they have to carry a potato, between thier legs to the other side of the room and drop it in a pan and run back to the other end (relay style) was hilarious. I suggest everyone play this game with their family. It was too funny! after which she served a delicious cake.
It was very fun and the best part was getting to see baby Ezra in his cute overalls and tie died onesie! Thanks for having a baby Andy and Jori...the night was fun.


Amy said...

Sounds fun!

Jen said...

i'm totally impressed by the ratatouille! (i think i can only spell that, if i did it right, b/c of the cartoon!). ezra is a super cute name!

jw said...

& it tasted even better than it looked! thanks for a grand evening.

mamma locks said...

So if you are toying with becoming a vegetarian you should definitely get this book from the library. the Recipes in it will help you become a very happy satisfied vegetarian. I LOVE IT! I think think I have checked it out a running total of about 11 times. I am buying it. It is written like a journal which I love.