Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sientist, Postman, and Farm-girl

Oscar's first science project...if you click on the photo you can see the detail of his illustrations. He is so intuitive and loves learning about how the world works. We had a great time doing the experiment. If you are looking for a fun science project you could check out this site.
His first kindergarten filed trip to the post office to mail his paper body to Grandma and Grandpa Edge. His paper body will be visiting us this week...
Poppy closely monitoring the chicks...the sun room is pretty chilly in the mornings, she decided to observe in her blankie.

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Jen said...

oscar told me the chicks were in the playroom! so cute!!! you are so brave to get chickens!!
what a great science project- in kindergarten?! i don't remember doing those things as a 5 year old!!!