Monday, March 24, 2008

Note to self...

This was a pic from the spring duathlon on March 15th. I will say that this was taken in the last quarter mile of the race and my hip was killing me...however that picture says it all! I seriously need to work on that.
As for the duathlon, it was 2mi run- 12 ride-2 run. The crazy thing about the race was that the bike segment was what killed my hip. I think it was the steady incline and prolonged seated position that made my hip freak out.
My time was 1:16:04.

Since then, I have been once again trying to rehab my hip. Monday a week ago I almost couldn't do my entire spin class due to the uncomfortable hip. So, back to resting it and trying to get it better.
Today a week and a half later, I am feeling a bit better and I will hopefully be on the mend.
Last week my exercise went like so:
Wed-Workout at the church dance/pilates
Thur-3mile run on treadmill (still painful)
Sat-19 mi ride. It was nice and pretty out. The ride went pretty good. HIlls still hurt the hip.
sun- rest

So, that about sums it all up.
Therefore we have decided that if my hip won't let me run, we should try to get pregnant. Maybe it will give it some time to rest...we shall see.

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JoAnna said...

That would be exciting if you did get pregnant! :). Adam and I tried for a while there and nothing happened so we figured God didn't think we were ready yet. So now we're just trying to keep working on our relationship with each other and our spiritual standing. He started a medication to help quit smoking about 3 weeks ago, so the temple might not be so out of sight ( and by that I mean it might be in the next 2-5 years). Which is ok because I would rather take our time getting there and making sure that we are ready, instead of trying to rush it. Anyways... good luck on your venture to possibly get pregnant! Love ya