Monday, January 12, 2009

Week in review...

(Oscar kindly holding back for his sister)
I can't believe it has been a whole week since I last posted...I have had a ton of blog posts run through my brain and yet, none of them have actually made it.
After the dump of snow and my lamentation the week actually progressed to rainy days and warmer temps. The chickens decided to exit their coop for the first time in quite a while. The snow melted enough that Poppy was able to take out her scooter a few times. The sun came out and it has felt a little like spring. I won't jinx myself but it has been a nice respite from the cold.
Poppy is loving the new scooter...The best part is that we can now go for walks much further and I have yet hear "I don't want to get strong legs!". She will ask me to help carry it if she gets tired, or for me to push her a bit but the weakling is slowly dwindling.
With the weather subsiding I finally made it over to Colfax to see the new baby Georgia. She is so pretty and Betina looks great. I would be lying if I didn't say that I am slightly jealous that she is at that point in the baby making world and I have about 6 more weeks to go.
It did make me realize that I really ought to be getting ready for this baby. I am suddenly feeling like I should really be getting it together.
It just may be that my nesting instincts are kicking in. I have completed a few projects taht have been about a year-three years past due. (that is a whole other post that I will post someday)
Poppy and Oakley were showing us their dancing moves...they said they were getting married. It was pretty cute.
I also have been utilizing my new Christmas present. Ricky and the kids got me a pasta roller and so last week I made a batch of Peirogies. It was fun being able to get the dough so thin.
Always in the past when I have tried to get the dough thin, I still end up with it being too think. It was nice for it to go so smoothly.
Overall things are going well. It is nice to be back to our routines and getting ready for a new arrival. I think the kids can't wait. They keep asking when (along with may others...) it will be here. Today Oscar said "It sure takes a long time for a baby to come out of your belly".
I told him it takes about nine months but I think that is a lifetime for little kids.
Well, I'll try to catch up a bit more later...


Rachel said...

Sam and Grace keep telling me its time for the baby to come out now!

Suzie-Q said...

6 weeks ! sometimes it seem like forever don't you think?
Your pasta looks so good, I might have to put an order in for some!

Perry fam said...

Hey there! I know susan staus who knows lisa and then I saw you! This blogging network is great or creepy if you get a stalker, which I'm I? So anyway I love blogs, I just started in Oct., I want a pasta roller and another baby. Your so lucky, I have to convince my hubby! Well hope to hear from you soon.

Traci said...

Lucky fort he warmer weather, it is freezing here!!!
Your friends babe is adorable too!
Hang in there, you will be there soon too!

Betina said...

Can I help with any of the pending projects? I would love to.

Also, of COURSE I will come take photos of little Hazel (or alternate boy name). I will even take family photos for you if Ricky can handle it. Or just Mom and kid photos.

Please let me know about projects you need help with. I am at the point in the baby making process where I need to BURN CALORIES!