Sunday, January 7, 2007


Bittersweet…Yes that is how this week has been. One minuet my children are the darling, sweet, loveable, almost think I can’t stand it, cute! The next…teething, sad, emotional, tired, under-exercised, cabin fever, mischievous…kids!
Poppy has three molars coming in (we’ll just refer to her as bear-girl). Oscar seems to be missing pre-school and feels it is his duty to tease and torment the afore mentioned bear-girl. They seem to feed each others need to pester the other into screaming, whining, sad levels.
I’m sure I have expressed previously my dislike of the whole teething process…but as a parent it’s like my right of passage to eternal life or something! Seriously…I can think of a billion other things I enjoy more about parenting than teething and immunizations. Bittersweet…Yes, I know the benefits of my child being able to chew her food rather than gumming it to swallowing proportions. Yes, and I understand that I don’t want my child to contract some measles, mumps and rubella! That is all clear to me. But in the meantime I’m left with the wrath of Bear-Girl, the spicy-fiery girl who, when given the chance, will dominate all within her territory.
Today at church Rick my lovely hubby had the Bear-Girl and I had to go to the clerks office next to the room he was in. Clearly I could hear her demands and I knew that quite likely, very few people really heard any of their lesson.
Then, tonight as I was taking her out of her adorable Sunday dress and again changing her into her super-soft pajamas…I was overcome with the desire to squeeze and kiss and snuggle this adorable spicy creature in front of me!
Then there’s the little O’Man who after spoon feeding him his dinner…even after threatening that there would be no cookies if he didn’t finish his food, found ourselves caving in and with grandpa’s help, gave the melt-down boy a cookie. Then after saying prayers and snuggling him in bed I come to the conclusion…
Truly there are few things in the world quite as nice as hugging and kissing and loving my kids. Bittersweet!

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mummy said...

Nothing quite as nice as their sweet little selves asleep in their beds. At this point you wonder how you could ever be out of patience with them. Then there is poor Lindsey. Micha still cries most of the night. What to do what to do