Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let the Post-Marathon Projects begin!

With training completed, or subsided a bit, I now can begin to catch up on all of the things I've been putting on the back table for the past few months.

1. Finish painting very cool vintage TV tray to hang in the kitchen
2. Stain and finish cute table and chairs that have been unfinished for the past year and a half.
3. Paint the very fun Kitchenette that Grandma and Grandpa bought for Poppy's B-Day. (Need to decide how to finish it...any suggestions? I'm kinda thinking funky polka dots...)
4. Paint the living room and bedroom.
5. Clean out kitchen cupboards...(Ricky will be pleased to see this on my list!)
6. Finish Oscar's bedroom...make the curtains with the material that I have had for the last year and a half.
7. Put molding around fireplace and window...consider revising old cast iron railings.

Yes, this is not all inclusive...certainly there are a bundle of other things that need to be done...but for now here is my list! It will not be completed tomorrow but I'll post the progress as it work at it.


Abby Norman said...

Yay for more work! It never seems to end.

Polka-dots would be cool for the kitchenette. But I think I'd try to keep it simple. Polka dots are simple. You're all set!

Tanner's Tales said...

Good list...it is a lot like my list- I'd like to paint Willie's room, my room, and the living room/kithcen area, but all the prep work makes me tired, so I just look at the old paint...

It was fun to see you guys...and the ice cream was really good :)

Jamison Fischer said...

WOO HOO! I'll go get the trash can for those cupboards.

mummy said...

Paint your bedrooms? Mine has been waiting
20 years now. Guess it can wait longer because its way down on my list. One of those things to do in the dead of winter. The weather here is sooooo verrrrrry nice but it wont last long so we better enjoy every solid last minute of it outside. Lindsey and I are going to take g ma to silver lake tomorrow. Just the right terrain for micah and g ma. Hope you have fun painting, Poppy would love to help I'm sure!

Jen said...

you are extremely motivated. i can't even seem to tackle mundane tasks these days. polka dots sound like fun- i bet poppy would love it!

Lisa B. said...

i hear ya sista'!