Friday, May 21, 2010

My boy!

This is my 8year old boy, who by the way, will be baptized tomorrow.
I'm feeling quite sentimental and proud to be a mother. Not because he is getting baptized, but because he is such an amazing kid. I must have done something really great in our life before this one, to be lucky enough to be the mother of three great kids.
Truly when I sit back and consider this life, and all that I have been given, I am humbled by my Heavenly fathers plan and for the happiness I have received.
This is a special day for him and I hope he will cherish it always.


Traci said...

what a sweet post. hope the baptism went well!

Jen said...

i thought about oscar all day yesterday. i hope the baptism went great. he is definitely an awesome kid. i think he must have been especially special prior to coming here to get parents like you and rick! your whole family amazes me.