Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Delight!

Ummmm...shakes! Poppy and Oscar loved the Whip cream and sprinkles.
As for myself, I received some sweet tickets to a Wylie Gustafson concert...delivered in a box of chocolates! Ummmm ummm Good!
Some of you may not think that a concert for a great yodeling singer would be romantic. For me, there are few things finer in this world than a good yodeler. Oh yes, I'm quite excited to see him in concert. We saw a small preview of his abilities when we went to the Prairie Home companion show this last fall.
My Grandpa was a yodeler and when I hear yodeling my mind can't help but being swept away into the alps of my forefathers. For years I've told My sweet hubby that I love yodeling. There you have it! I'm excited!!!!
As for the Oatmuncher, we were sure to provide a plethora of dark substance no less than 70%. I may have slipped in a 60% (for variety sake). His chocolate drawer at work is now well supplied.
Happy Valentines day to the Blog World! I hope yours was as sweet as mine.
Now I leave you for some chocolate covered strawberries!!!


Betina said...

that is so fun! Did you go to the concert on the 14th? If not, when will you go?
Shakes seem like a nice tradition.

shorter sis said...

I should send you some of the Rhodes yodeling CD collection--highly entertaining stuff.

mamma letty said...

The concert is may 17th...Yes I would love to hear any yodeling cds!!! I really like the true swiss yodleing but beggars can't be choosy.