Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Will You?

Hold on bloggie buddies as I briefly...unload a quick soapbox on voting.
#1. I hope you are registered to vote.
#2. I don't particularly want to know who you are voting for, or why. I do hope however, that you have seriously reviewed each candidate and will be making a well educated decision, based on actual facts not the spam smear campaign emails that infiltrate all of our eboxes. A good site to check out the fact is
#3. In a nation of uncertainty and common dis-trust for Washington politics in general, I hope that you will at least consider one of the two candidates and vote for the one that truly reflects the majority (we all know that both sides have plenty of things we don't care for) of your concerns.
#4. Hope...hope that with this coming election we will see some much needed improvement and some light into our dreary looking whitehouse.
Good luck to all and we'll see in a weeks time who holds the future of our nation.
Remember if you don't vote you can't complain about the job they are doing!

My vote is in...lucky for me our county is all absentee ballots and I got mine last week.
It's in the mail, and I feel relieved to have it sent off. To the rest of you who have to wait until next week...I wish you good tidings of happy polling.


Old Warrior said...

We are blessed to live in a free country where we get to choose those who represent us in our government. We all should carefully exercise that God-given right. I appreciate Letty reminding us to vote, and to do so with thought and concern for the welfare of our country. We must all be aware, however, that there are few (any?)non-biased sources for political information. The site Letty listed, for example, is run by the Saint Petersburg Times, which also states "For president of the United States, the Times recommends Barack Obama." Just be sure to think through all that you hear and read, and consider those basic founding principles upon which our country was founded-I believe-with Heavenly inspiration. We need to be sure we don't allow our basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be compromised more than they have. And, no, I don't think either candidate should be in the white house this time around! How about we all write in Letty for president?! Happy voting!

Suzie-Q said...

We got our Votes in way before you!! ha ha!! We sent them last week.

Rachel said...

yeah for voting!! I sent mine in a few days ago and now I just wish I would stop getting all the calls and mailers reminding me to vote!

Emmy said...

I'm still trying to decide who to vote for....I agree with Old Warrior. Perhaps I shall write you in!
Loved the fall pictures! It's such a great time of year!