Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tender hearted

This is the Valuable lesson taught in FHE (Family Home Evening) last night...doesn't he look like a fierce pirate?
Don't be fooled by the rough exterior. Deep down, or not so deep, is a very tender hearted boy.

More than once he has come home from school or church very concerned over the welfare of another child. Then there are the times he hears me listening to NPR and he learns a bout the war in Iraq...concern almost fills his entire soul with sadness for that other person/persons.
Yesterday was no different except this time it was himself who was offended. He favorite friend in the world, the one who is a couple of years older but seem to always love playing together, riding bikes to school every day together, told him that he no longer wants to be his friend.
He came home on the verge of tears and broke down on my lap. I couldn't imagine anyone NOT wanting to be friends with this fun loving, adventurous soul. I asked about the details and truly, like all kid fights, they were quite trivial...something about the bigger boy wanting to make Oscar stay on gear # 2 while he switched to gear #6. I'm sure there is the element of the older boys pride at stake, considering the younger boy is very fast on his bike...but truly...is this worth the fight???
Today was no different. The boy once again informed him that he no longer wants to be his friend. We once again have the tears and sadness.
Although I try to explain that you don't want to be friends who aren't kind anyway, I'm sure it hurts just the same.
My poor tender boy...Thank you for always looking out for others and being so kind.
And to all of those who try to show my sweet boy what a cruel world it can truly be...I say, go hide yourself in a hole and do unto others as you would have them do unto you!


Suzie-Q said...

What a sweet, tender boy you have!
I am truly not looking forward to those days when my kids will come home cring like that. I will be so sad and upset all at once.
I guess we just really need to enjoy the good moments in life!

Blake and Maren said...

I am so sorry to hear they are fighting. I am sure like all boys they will work it out. Just as you, I can't imagine someone not just loving Oscar. He is amazing!

Old Warrior said...

O-man does have a good heart, and it is great, at his age, to have an older kid want to be your buddy. But, even way back when I was a kid, the older kids will, about this age, want to spend time with his own age peers. It is sometimes tough to be seen with buddying with someone younger-'specially when the younger one can kick your hinney (sp?) in some activities-like riding your bike! O-man will be fine, will have friends come and go, particularly when he is young. I remember back to when our kids were in grade school. Sometimes "best friends" was a revoving door, with the resulting angst and tears with each revolution. Good thing he has such good friends at his casa!

Nedge said...

Oh, man! Poor o-man!

This post brought back so many memories of friends of when I was his age... from the various best friends I had, and when they didn't want to be my friend anymore... It is hard, but they are lessons that made me a better person in the long run.

Keep smiling, Oscar!!!

ash said...

I can't imagine anyone not loving Oscar! He is such a sweetie. Dang gears getting in the way of friendship!

Jen said...

this breaks my heart. i hate to see it happen to oscar and i know it's going to eventually happen to kellen. give him an extra hug for me. he's such a great little boy and he is lucky to have a mom like you who will hold him and assure him when he needs it.