Monday, October 6, 2008

Poppy' 3rd B-Day!

For the past months since Oscar's Birthday, Poppy has only had one request for her birthday. A strawberry cake. It was always the same request with very little elaboration on what exactly that meant. A strawberry shaped cake? One that is strawberry? Or just strawberries on a cake?
We settled on making a strawberry cake (from scratch, no cheap box cake for my girl) with strawberry cream cheese frosting, and strawberries on top! And because I was not creative enough to turn this heart into a strawberry( as I was planning) we settled on a heart shaped strawberry cake...and she couldn't have been happier!
After a tasty cake we opened some of her presents...Thanks Grandma Edge for the fun has really kept her busy.
We partied with the new Candyland game and read her new "Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly" Book a hundred times.
Because we had the cake the night before ( due to soccer and other conflicts) Poppy and I spent her birthday morning reading more of her Fancy Nancy, and doing a bit of shopping for some butterfly wings of her own.
While visiting the fabric store for a pattern and some material, we came away with an already sewn, Pixy outfit that she declared as a butterfly. This mom couldn't have been happier to shell out the $20 for the outfit rather than paying the $40 on material and the time to make it.
I think we both got a little bit of a present.
We then went to lunch at the mall next door, just before going to have Ice cream at Ferdinand's with Dad.
Daddy and the Pink butterfly
Ummmm...Huckleberry ripple. I think she was having a great birthday!
After a few more rounds of Fancy Nancy I tucked her into her bed for a nap. When she woke up, we were back to normal: soccer, dinner, and dad's meetings.
It was kinda fun to do her birthday on a different 24hour schedule. That way she had a little more energy for it all.
Happy Birthday to the Poppy girl who is a Binki-free big girl who suddenly seems much to grown- up for a short three years.


Suzie-Q said...

Oh what a sweet Poppy Butterfly!
Glad that you had a great day! That cake looks amazing I bet it tasted wonderful!

Betina said...

I love the butterfly costume!

Jen said...

poppy makes me want to find some butterfly wings of my own to wear! :)