Wednesday, October 15, 2008

O' boy's firsts

Oscar's first race...the 1 mi. Pumpkin dash.
Here he is post-race stretching.
Both Poppy and Oscar got to take a pumpkin home.
He ran so fast and was the first kid finisher of the race. There was one other boy his age and he made sure that he never passed him. It was so funny to see this little competitive side of him.
Fall season of soccer...ok so not really a first, but it is the first time i think he really understands HOW to play. He and Kade (the boy in the white hat) are the only two first graders on thier team. I think they enjoy being the big boys. He is loving Soccer!
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And last but not least!! His 1st tooth fell out!!
He immediately pulled out his microscope and began investigating it. He had a hard time deciding on weather or not to "give" his tooth to the tooth fairy, in exchange for money. He loves to explore it. He eventually decided to put it under his pillow, and because the fairy knew he wanted it back, she left it along with the money.
He has now demonstrated that he can put a pretzel through the hole, and he has a whole new whistle.

Oh, and on the friend update...they are friends again and life is good. But we knew it wouldn't last too long. His bike buddy apologized and they are once again peddling to school.
I'm quite grateful because this pregnant body of mine is having a tough time making it up our big hills pulling the trailer with Poppy in it twice a day...let's just say my cardiovascular system isn't quite what it used to be.


Suzie-Q said...

Way to go Oscar!!
My neice has lost four of her front teeth and she love to use a straw with it in the hole.

Traci said...

What a fun race! Go Oscar!
Loved how he was investigating his tooth!

Maren said...

I am glad Oscar has his friend back. It sounds like he is as active as ever. My nephew is in the process of losing his first tooth. His younger brother says that the tooth fairy isn't real and that Santa Claus is playing a trick on them. I told him regardless, he gets some money. However, the Tooth Fairy is wonderful. I wish I still lost teeth.

Betina said...

Eden is very jealous that O lost a tooth.

I am very jealous that you are still running.

We are green around here.

Jen said...

woo hoo oscar! pumpkin dash today- olympics tomorrow...
i can't believe he lost a tooth?! how old is this child?! i love that he wants to investigate the tooth. that's great.