Sunday, October 19, 2008

Half way, Half Marathon

20 Weeks...or half way through pregnancy! That's what the Dr. said on Thursday, along with the A-OK to Run the half. He said and I quote "you know that pregnancy wise, you are entirely fine running the half...the only risk is falling, so be careful."
With a go ahead and feeling fine I decided I would give it a go, with the opt-out option at any time.

(Me and Ashley one mile from the finish)
To be quite honest, I felt great! At the turn around point I was once again reminded why I LOVE running so much! I love that every piece of my being is engaged (baby too). The physical, emotional,'s all there, actively engaged in one purpose. I just feel ALIVE!!!

(Check out Ricky's neck...mine was pretty bad too)
The protein we consumed in the form of bugs, was enough to fuel us through the race.

(Me, Dorothy, Mairi)
A couple of the other NIAC ladies ran their first half. I was so proud to have so many people I knew completing their first half marathon. There is something so inspiring in seeing someone accomplish it for their first time. Way to go to Ashley, Mairi, Dorothy, Sheri, Tera, and Beth!! All of these ladies (not all pictured) did it!!
Ricky took fourth place overall and first in his age group. My time was 2:17, not a PR but we'll just call it a Prego PR.

I have been telling myself for the past few weeks that I was only going to run through the half marathon and then, I would find another exercise source for those mornings...One thing is for sure...I'll see how I feel Tuesday morning and if my brain can handle the running withdrawal. But then, who knows if I were to actually stop running I may actually re-hab my hip for better post-pregnancy running. Ah, to run lighter with less weight hanging on my pelvis...that is somethign to look forward to!


Nedge said...

That's awesome!

Plus the picture of the bugs? Fascinating yet gross! I love it!

JoAnna said...

How wonderful! That is so awesome you did it... and you also look EXTREMLY cute being pregnant! Congratulations on completing the half marathon. You really are amazing.

Love ya

Betina said...

You rock!!!!

Maren said...

You are amazing! You ran a lot faster being 20 weeks pregnant than I will in March. You are an inspiration.

Emmy said...

WOW. That is incredible!! I'm lucky to be running 3 mi. when I'm pregnant...
Way to go!! You look great!
Oscar sure is a chip off the old block, eh? Loved the pumpkin dash pics.

anna jo said...

that is awesome. you go, girl!

I would love to be able to run races while preggers... hopefully, one day I will!

also, I think it's totally a good idea to track preggo pr's.

Beth said...

You are amazing!!!

Suzie-Q said...

Good run!
I am amazed, I think about running and I get sore. It is just not in my blood.

Jen said...

that's fantastic collette! what a cute belly! :) i envy the race, but not the bugs. :)

Traci said...

You amaze me! That is so awesome!
Love the bug picture too!

mamma locks said...

I love that you are still running crazy girl. What is the half run? how many miles. I have been running a lot lately and feel like Im going to die at about 2 miles, I'm such a wimp! You look so cute and plump! Does Poppy get enfatuated with your tummy? What is your due date, and is it a boy or a girl. (I already know you will be surprised, but I had to ask.)