Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Have I mentioned before that I hate shopping?

Oscar left me this note last week. Ricky bailed me out and went for me. You will proud to know that I went shopping today. He will be so excited.
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Suzie-Q said...

That is funny. I usually love shopping, with only one or two of my kids. I don't like to go by myself and I really don't like to go with all four kids, unless Rob is with us.
We should plan to go together then maybe we both would get it done.

Old Warrior said...

Spelled correctly, good handwriting. O must have had a serious case of the hungries.

Mamma Letty said...

Not the hungaries, just the munchies. All the easily accessible food was gone. Plenty of the not-so accessible. There is always food on the dinner table...just no chocolate chips.
oh, and he asked me how to spell shopping before I knew what he was writing about.

Old Warrior said...

Still amusing. Oscar and the munchies. Maybe all the kids could learn to play music/sing and support you and Rick in your old age.
We will be sure to have some munchies around when you all are here for Thanksgiving.