Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catch-up time...Princess style

Typical princess yard-work attire...Poppy was super helpful with her frilly skirt and heels.
Princess pretend sad-face. I told her to show me your princess face...we get this regularly...especially when she starts singing princess songs...
Princess taking her place at the front of the class. During our field trip with Oscar's class to the hospital, she made herself cozy on Mrs. B's lap as we waited for the city bus. Luckily Mrs. B is the sweetest teacher and complied.
Princess taking the easy way down to the stream.
Princess lunch accessories...(no I did not place these objects, merely took the photo.)
Princess getting a lift on her trusty steed. (what a good big brother)
Princess climbing at REI...she loved it! If I would have let her, I'm sure she would have wore her princess dress.
Princess checking out her colony...of ants on our Sunday stroll.


JoAnna said...

She is so ADORABLE... I just love kids. Your Poppy is quite a character. I miss all of you.

Nedge said...

Nice! She's very cute!

Jen said...

so cute! oscar LOVES his soccer (or so he says so in primary- along with nathan). poppy cracks me up. she is such a girl!