Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow...an update!

So dear non-readers if you are still out there. I have been on quite the hiatus since last posting. Things have slowed down quite a bit. I'm pregnant and expecting a baby next spring.
With this comes all of the first trimester of no-so-good feelings. This summer has been really laid back in the excercise world.
I have cut back to one spinning class a week. My church group class is on hiatus until September and running has almost been non-existent.
Such a drastic difference from last year at this time when we had finished a marathon and we were training for another.
I haven't really minded the slowing down bit. I feel like I have invested a lot more time doing other things this summer besides training.
We have been doing most of our in-town commuting on bikes and Oscar has sprouted even bigger bike wings! last week he did two 22 miler rides and one 33 miler. I am amazed at his ability you ride. As a parent, or course i couldn't be prouder.
Things are good and I hope to amp back up to my normal exercise schedule come the second trimester when i get a little bit of my energy back.
In the meantime this blog will be a fairly low-key place.
Although, deep in the back of my head still lingers the anticipation of a possible marathon in another year from now...we shall see.

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Betina said...

I miss having you around here. A lot. Glad you are writing again.