Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need my binky to breathe!!!

Day two of no binky...
The Popster lost Both of her new binky's in ONE day. I decided that was it. After a very long night last night and a very long day today. Where i heard about 1000 times "I need my binky mama!" and "Mom I NEED my binky to breathe!"
I have stayed firm and after two days with no naps and a very tired girl she fell asleep on our bike ride to Oscar's soccer practice. She slept the whole time and woke up a happier girl. In fact after I said "Poppy you are such a big girl you can nap without a binky!" She seemed to have a new sense of empowerment.
Tonight, she went to bed asked me twice for a binky and then stayed in her room without crying and went to sleep...we may actually make it this time.
I hope she will sleep through the night and that tomorrow we can figure out how to take a nap WITHOUT the binky!

On a positive note, she seemed to talk a lot more today and was fairly pleasant when she wasn't thinking about it.

Don't worry I'll post day three of our trip tomorrow...assuming we make it one more day without the binky.


Suzie-Q said...

Stay Strong! It is hard I am sure but you are doing great. Soon she will not want it at all. Good job Poppy girl!

Rachel said...

Sounds like you are making progress!

Jen said...

ouch! that's a rough one- needing it to BREATHE?! :) poppy cracks me up. way to go!!! to both of you! :)