Friday, February 5, 2010

January updates

Popster ready for pajama day at school...I'm not sure if she likes pink???

Hazel getting some lovin'

Family photo...Edge style. At least we have documentation that we all existed at the same time.

Ahhhh....the BINKI BLANKET!!!! This girl won't live long enough without it for it to be washed. She, just like her big brother, are in love with their blankies.
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Suzie-Q said...

You guys are too cute!
My Hailey would dress like that everyday if I let her.

Danielle said...

That's my kind of family photo! If I made Than dress up for one, he'd probably shoot me! Our are in our jammies! Hazel's hair is getting so long! I see it pulled up in a little pony, and am jealous that we aren't there yet!

Nedge said...

Such a cute family! I love the pictures!

the herd said...

I love you family photo!