Monday, March 22, 2010

Brother Feltis

Our life on the Palouse would be poorly documented if we were to not include Mark Feltis ( A.K.A. our kids ward uncle). In all of his world travels he never fails to drop a postcard in the mail, making sure our kids get a good education about the deep and sometimes overlooked facts of the world outside of the Palouse. A little bit ago Oscar had his annual "bring someone special to breakfast" for our school. We thought mark fit the part perfectly...Oscar was pretty excited when he knew that Brother Feltis (that is how he is labeled at our house) had agreed to come along. It was great fun and the kids were sure to show Mark their best manners as they battled over the chocolate muffin. Thanks Brother Feltis for taking time for our kids! You are great!

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Suzie-Q said...

Oh that was so awesome of him to come and spend the morning with Oscar.