Thursday, September 9, 2010

Canned Food Inventory

Picture from last year
Tomatoes: 58 quarts
Salsa: 73 pints & 4 qt
Peaches: 54 qt
Pears (we haven't canned any this year) : 12 qt
Apricot Halves: 24 qt
Grape juice(none this year, which may include several bottles of vintage 2005): 27 qt & 1/2 gal.
Honey 120 lbs
Apples(none this year): 5 qt
Apple Pie Filling (none this year): 5 qt
Apricot jam: 32 pt
Cherry jam(none this year): 3 1/2 pt
Plum syrup(none this year): 2 pt
Black berry jam(none this year): 3pt
Strawberry jam: 2pt
Peach jam: 5pt
(Not included is the beans and wheat.)
Just in case I loose my handy dandy notebook, I want to be able to compare next years inventory.
Nothing quite like some home canned foods.


Old Warrior said...

OK-the picture of the kids with O pulling up his suit.... I was not able to enlarge it. Probably a good thing...
Looks like you are set for a few weeks eatin' if the grocery stores in Pullman close down. Good job!

Suzie-Q said...

I want a canning day with you. You will forever be an inspiration to me.