Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Belay On!

 Saturday we spent a few hours at the local climbing wall...The kids love bouldering around.  Oscar and Poppy got some new climbing shoes with our REI dividend (gotta love free gear).  It was impressive to see what a difference it made in their abilities!

 I spent a good portion of the time in this position...neck looking up.   Yes, my neck was getting tired.
 Poppy wanted to master a more technical route and she got it.  It was so fun to watch her finger around the cracks for hand holds.  It is always fun to try to climb after the kids and try to grab for the holds I kept telling them to get.  Much easier said than done.

 I decided to try my hand on the route only to find that because I had been belaying for the past two hours, my forearm on my right side kept cramping as I would grip the holds.  Kinda funny, but not at the time.
 No worries though, I made it to the top.

 Oscar spent most of his time mastering complicated areas.  He had some decent blisters to boot.  Here is is bouldering after already being super tired.

 It's nice that we both can belay.  It makes it so both Oscar and Poppy can climb at the same time.
 Hazel on the other hand, spent a lot of time wanting this.  She will try a little bit of climbing, but she isn't won over by it yet.
 Poppy was snapping photos.
Oscar giving a tough route one last go...
Ahhhh spending time with my family.  It's what it is all about!

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