Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy Day

This post is late I know...but not forgotten. For father's day I truly had these three great guys on my mind, I even started this post back then. However, to actually articulate the love or respect I have for them was hard to put into words.
I'm grateful for the wonderful Men who directly have influenced my life. Somehow each of them has seen the best in me and has pushed me to greater heights.

Thanks Daddies for all of the Joy and love you have brought to my life.

Daddy Dilworth
The dad who always has a great earth breaking idea and a good story to share. You really know how to work the crowd and make people feel comfortable in your presence. Thanks for giving me the gift of gab, I inherited it from you!

Daddy Big Edge
Who always has each of his kids on speed dial and is always ready for a bike ride. I love your caring, passive yet compassionate means of teaching. I believe each of your kids have said that they learned so much from you by just goign to the grocery store with you. Thanks for all of the great rides and wisdom.
To the main man in my life who has blessed me with wonderful kids and a fun filled, joyful life. I love your simple, yet driven way of life. I am always amazed that you married me, and am grateful that I somehow convinced you to do so. Thanks for always being a great husband and Dad. You always have us as your first priority, and I'm incredibly grateful for it!
Happy Father's day Daddies!

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