Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oodles of catch-up

Wet, rainy ride.
When a group of mom's have their children cared for, and have scheduled a ride, they won't easily be persuaded to forfeit it due to a little(or a lot) of rain. Thus we freeze our appendages, and huddle like bunnies on bikes just to be out and enjoying being alive. We did cut the ride shorter than the planned 42mi. We will settle for 25 (The return half with a headwind and strong rain).
This is the garden progress...ahhh, to see things getting green. I am seriously considering getting a air-soft gun for Ricky's father's day present, to fend off the ravenous bunnies. They are not adhering to the liquid fence rules!!! We are going to have to call in for reinforcements. Our Home teacher said he would shoot them, but he can't in city limits....darn.
Smiley has been fired of bunny duty...he is NOT doing his job!!!
Ahhh...the new chariot. We have seriously been breaking in our new Jogger/ trailer. Kids love it, and the parents like to push/pull it.
Goal for summer: Master pulling the tike's to the top of our hill, without being breathless. Going nicely thus far, but looking forward to the giant Quads I will have at the end of summer.
Oscar's class field trip to the High school's "AG days" Yes, this brought back many FFA memories. A little uncomfortable to remember those awkward days of the past (notice cowboy clad HS student in his "cowboy-up" cool gear and his sweet pair of aviators to round out the outfit, yikes!).
Oscar seemed to love checking out the tractor. Maybe Rick will live vicariously through his son when he decides to become a farmer.
And since we can't be real farmers, we make it a hobby in the back yard. The seven chickens are growing up nicely, however they seem to be racist. The golden ones leave out our black and brown ones. They will pick on them and will keep them from getting food. Luckily the two outsiders are feisty and can hold their own. Oscar is a good caretaker and loves to catch, pet and care for them.
This is also the sad picture of the going away dinner for the Weikins...we will miss their fun family (and delicious bike treats). Otis (on the far right) enjoyed playing with the chickens too...maybe his parents will get some chickens when they get to Vermont???
Frog hunt! Lately we have been frog hunting. Current frogs caught total is 4. No we haven't brought them home, merely catch and release.
Rainy frog hunt. Due to the cold rainy weather we just had to get out of the house. No frogs were found this day...too cold. We were cold too, but happy to be out and about.

Life is full of busy fun times lately and I always think of a million things I want to post. Then it requires me to actually sit down do it...I'll have to work on that. In the meantime, you can rest assured we are in fun spring-time mode and look forward to school ending this week and having the summer (if it ever gets warm around here) to play!


Abby Norman said...

Hey, I love aviator sunglasses. Not going to lie.

Lisa B. said...

Oh how i wish i was with you guys! and congrats on the chariot!!!! you guys will love that thing forever!! It has been our fav. purchase.