Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Serious catch up!

The past couple of weeks have been a little bit of a blur. A lot has been going on and the more I think I'm going to blog about it the less I do.
Here is list of some of the happenings:

Last week I got the flu or some other ravenous virus/bug...I was ill. The majority of the week was spent in some sort of haze. My eyes kept being glued shut at night my head was full of mucus and I really felt horrible. It is rare that I actually really get sick but last week was horrible! Not to mention the horrible weather.

My garden survived the Freak snow storm. Gratefully I am loving each of those little plants that pulled through a June inch and a half of snow! Yeah for living Plants!Two weeks ago I received a new job at church...I was changed from being in the primary presidency to the relief society presidency. This happen amidst a transition period full of various transitional responsibility. I had to finish up my Primary Summer service party and also be in charge of our ward's father's day gifts (a loaf of bread and a brownie for each of the dad's! That is 90 loaves of bread ).This transition has been a bit challenging in moving from one group of leadership to another. I am finding myself a little lost as to what my place is in the new presidency, while feeling sad that I'm not a part of the previous. This week is getting better but last week was a strange week of interim.
Oscar had his last day of school last Thursday and is now going to be a FIRST grader! His last day was a beach party and it was great to get to see my little boy all grown up from the beginning of the year. Every day I think of how much I love this sweet spirited boy.
The outdoor Pool opened! However swimming in really cold water with 70 degree water was short lived. The sunny patio was nice. Especially with a bit of sushi to eat.


Jen said...

hey!! i finally have internet access! :) you have been BUSY!!! holy bread batman! i'm sorry you've been so sick- that is terrible! primary will miss you incredibly, i'm sure- but the relief society just got a great new asset!! :)
you would LOVE alaska.

Nedge said...

I'm sorry about your sick week! I know how that feels...all the winter months feel that way, but not as intense...the pool doesn't help. :)

Sushi? Who eats sushi at the pool?

Traci said...

Good Luck with the new calling!
You had to tell us more about the bread and brownie? Is there some sort of poem or story behind it? Please tell me you didn't bake the bread too!