Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Catching up...

The Fix...Poppy's new cut reminds me of the lovely 70's haircuts. It does blend a bit better but knowing her Edge family hair genetics...I'm afraid it will be quite some time before we see the sight of golden locks. On a side note, I"m not really surprised that she cut her hair. Evey time we cut Oscars hair she says she wants to buzz her's off too. Crazy girl.

In Spokane last Saturday while at the Riverfront park, Poppy was giving Rick and i some big fish stories...this is her in action. She is so animated!
Big Boy news in the edge house: Oscar earned his new bike! It even has gears!!! I am constantly amazed at how far and fast this boy can ride. Monday when riding to meet Rick from work (6mi round trip) he says "Mom but I wanted to go for a real LONG ride..."

He seems to never tire...he even can climb our entire hill (which is no easy feat) and has mastered going to and from our house to school...for those of you who have been here, you know what kind of hills he has to climb to get there.

I love that he loves his bike so much. The only hard part is that he wants to do it every waking minute. Here he is just before the purchase...can you see the look of anticipation and annoyance at his mother trying to get the last shot of him on the green fire bike?

Lastly (but certainly not a comprehensive catch up) we got our first tomatoes from the garden this past week. Ummmm....nothing quite like a fresh homegrown tomato.
Other things harvested: Beets, Basil, lettuce, spinach, and strawberries.


Rachel said...

those tomatoes look awesome and Poppy is so cute! Incidentally, what did you do with Oscar's old bike?

mummy said...

what the hey! you can't have red tomatoes before us! Didn't you just have snow a few weeks ago?

Traci said...

We just got our first little tomato today, H and i shared it and loved it! Home grown is the best. Wow! Look at all you have grown!
At least Poppy's hair was fixable, it looks cute too!

Traci said...

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Jen said...

poppy's hair looks great! :) and way to go, oscar!!!! new bike!! did you use the trade-up program at b&l?
i am jealous of your garden! produce here is crappy and i got here too late to plant. apparently, you CAN grow a garden in ak. despite the fact that it snows in july (yes- really- yesterday in eagle river), the extended daylight actually lets things grow like crazy. this IS the strangest place on earth!