Thursday, July 10, 2008

Would you be worried?

If the woman (me) who is charge of your Relief Society camp out dinner is the ward vegetarian??? Especially considering she is making Dutch oven chicken?

As of tomorrow evening I will be feeding the masses and sleeping out with the Poppy...Should be fun.

Rick tonight made the comment..."I can't believe you are in charge of it ALL!"
Just goes to show what a horrible deligator I am!
Here's to a busy day.


Old Warrior said...

Vegetarian because...? I would be fine, especially if the dutch oven chicken was tasty! And I am sure it will be. Hope you and the Popster have a grand old time. Any token Priesthood guys attending to scare off the bears?

Jen said...

what are YOU eating?! really- they are doing a RS campout? people are attending? this is blowing my mind. :) if anybody can do a dutch oven chicken, it's you- i think no matter what you were asked to do you'd succeed marvelously. :)

Traci said...

Sounds like fun! I bet the food will be great too, just don't forget about yourself! I didn't know you were vegetarian either.
That will be so much fun with your little one too!

JoAnna said...

How did the whole camp out end up going? We did a mother daughter camp out in Oregon and it was a lot of fun... I think they should do those more... the father's and sons get theirs why not the girls? I'd love to hear out it all went... and your an amazing cook so I can imagine the chicken tasted wonderful!