Sunday, July 27, 2008

Warm Lemonade

Have I ever mentioned that Poppy loves warm drinks? Even if it is 100 degrees outside (not that we would know since we have only been up to the mid nineties this summer) she will beg for me to warm up her lemonade. I try to give her the room temperature variety and although she may drink it (because she is thirsty) she will stop mid drink and ask me to warm it up until I have procrastinated long enough that she has finished off.

Oscar went through a phase of always having to have warm milk...In fact I recall one time leaving his sippy cup on the dashboard of the car during a road trip just trying to get it warm enough that he would consume it.

Where do these kids come from??? It always seems amazing to me all of the little quirks and tendencies that seem to be nature rather than nurture.

For about the past three weeks I have been experiencing the more unpleasant physical changes that take place when a little tiny baby begins to develop in my uterus and rake havoc on the rest of my physical being. I'm appalled and amazed that something so tiny can make such a HUGE difference.

I tend to be like cool lemonade...full of energy and direction. Zesty, sweet, and full of refreshing goodness. Alas, I'm now about as dull as warm lemonade. All of the wonderful thigns I live to eat have suddenly hit the black list of nausea and the food on teh good list is the worst food you can think of. In fact, this veggitarian has found herself on more tahn one occasion, devouring a bag of jerky, crackers, ect... before she even makes it to the checkstand. Toast is my bitter/sweet companion. Bitter becasue I hate, hate shocving it down my throat, but love that it seems to magically subdue the nausea.

I suppose the point of this whole post isn't just to complain about the whole pregnancy process (which I'm sure I will do more of), but to ackowledge all of those women who have large families in spite of morning sickness!!! How in the world do they do it? I only have two kids and there are seriously days where they seems like a dozen.

I know I'm whimpy...but seriously to all of those amazing moms out there I have to say "Way to GO"!!

One of the big things that I have noticed about this pregnancy is the return of anticipation. Anticipation of the day when my illness subsides. Anticipation of a new little baby to snuggle, squeeze and enjoy. Anticipation of the day when I can excercise at a normal capacity. Anticipation of seeing my two kids sweetly geeting a new baby into our family. And lastly the great anticipation of seeing my great husband holding a coddling an infant. He does it so well and it melts my heart to think of it.

I'm very excited to have a new baby and it was even more exciting to hear it's sweet little heartbeat this past week. There is just somethign about that racing heartbeat that reassures me that truly THIS is what life is all about. Soon, the illness will end (I'm curretnly considering accupuncture) and soon there will be a new baby and soon my kids will have grown and my life will be routine (becasue I love a good routine) and I will be grateful that I had this oppertunity to assist God in a beautiful creation.

For now, I will be warm lemonade, and that is ok. I will wake up each morning and be the best mom I can be and will be eternally grateful for my good kids, my amazingly helpful hubby and a suport group who truly care.


Old Warrior said...

A lemonade baby? Well, that is wonderful news! Makes us even more anxious to get up to Pullman and spend some time next week with you all. We will be happy to take over the cooking and fussing for a few days--think the O and P will like hot dogs (OK, turkey franks) and marshmallow mateys?

Jen said...

congratulations! how exciting! :) i hope the nausea passes soon and if you go the acupuncture route, i want to know how it goes!

mama rhodes said...

I miss the second trimester--you can move, exercise, and enjoy life with the baby within! Eat good food--I reccomend a mango a day. Does wonders for me.

Beth said...

That is one great post! I think everyone needs to be warm lemonade sometimes. You are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Woww! I did not know you were pregnant That is great news. (well how would I know, I suppose...)!!
Serinda (Betina's sister)

JoAnna said...

Congratulations to you and Rick! I am so excited for you! I think its ok to be warm lemonade once in a while, I think it helps us enjoy the times when we are cool lemonade. You are so such an amazing mom, you will do wonders with this new one on the way!

Traci said...

Congrats Collette and fam!!!! So exciting for you! Good Luck in the meantime!

jw said...

:) :) :) :)

:( :( :( :(

So happy & excited for you guys!

So sad that we're missing it all...

Drop Oscar & Poppy off at Happy's one day and enjoy a nice long nap/ride/whatever!!

I'm right there with you on mothering multiples...i have no idea how they do/done it.

...It is what it's all about - Both the Hokeyness & the Pokeyness.

ps-just made your rolls & they finally turned out for me. oh so good...thanks mamma letty!