Sunday, March 1, 2009

Due Day!

(Oscar is my in-house photographer)
I almost can't believe I'm posting this, but for the sake of our posterity (and curious blog friends and family) here is a picture of today...Due day.
It shouldn't really be a surprise since the other two were late, but I couldn't help but hope that this one would come early. I mean so many other people have their babies a week or two early. I would have even taken a day early. Alas, not so.
I have tried the wives tales...including cleaning ALL day yesterday and all it did was give me some big contractions with no follow through.

I keep telling myself that this is just like a marathon. Training has pretty much finished, tapering always feels slow and you just want to get to race day so you can get it over with. All of your hard work is in place and you just want to pound out the miles.
I'm currently feeling like I'm about mile 21 of the race. I'm tired, my muscles are feeling each step, you dare not walk for fear of not getting started again, you keep telling yourself that there are only five miles left to go. Five miles is nothing compared to how far you have come...You can feel the finish line close, and yet it is so far away. You know you will make the finish, that there is no doubt, but you keep thinking it hast to be just around that corner...only to find one more.

I'm anxious to just get it over with! I want to gorge on Oreos and orange slices at the finish line, while my legs tingle and twitch from the effort. I want that shiny little medal that says "you made it"! Not to mention a warm snuggly little medal that I'm ceratin will be much more delightful on the outside, that on the in.

Typically when I run a marathon I get a black toenail and I suppose that it is only fitting that my feet go though some form of metemorphasis during this last bit too. But I don't recall ordering marshmallows for feet. I swear church always makes them the puffiest. This my friends I will not miss!!! Behold the Hooter-Hider
Lastly, I have just completed my first ever "Hooter-Hider", at least that is what the lady at the fabric store informed me it should be called. It is a nifty little nursing blanket that has an opening at the top that the baby can see you, and you it, without a peep show. So cool! And really easy to make. I think I'm going to start making these as gifts for other expectant mothers.

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Traci said...

Oh, hope the babe comes soon for your sake! I bet your tykes are way excited too!
Love your hooter-hider and yes, that is what they call them. I bought mine, yours is way cute!
Take Care!

Nedge said...

Hang in there!

ash said...

Thinking about you a lot these days! And your poor feet, ouch! Can't wait to see the new Edgie when I get back!

Suzie-Q said...

sorry that the "old wives tales" haven't worked out for you. Your baby just knows when he/she wants to come and there is no stopping it.
I love your "Hooter-Hider" I wanted to try to make one for my sister but I'm a slacker so it never got done, you'll have to give some pointers on how its done.

Maren and Blake said...

cute fabric for your nursing cover. Baby Edge will come soon. I have high respect for mothers who's babies come late. If you need help with food, cleaning, anything, please let me know.

mummy said...

Hooter Hider? Does that mean it covers up the little baby who is hooting, or does it mean it covers up the other hooters-like the restaurant called Hooters? You know -the girls? Any which way March is a nice time to have a baby-it'll age up after state!

Betina said...

Man! You are going for the full 40+ weeks. Natasha called today to ask if you'd gone into labor and I said I HOPE SO.

Nice hootie hider. I love mine.

Come on baby Edgie! We're all waiting for you!

jw said...

Thanks for the update! We've been wondering??? Call and ask the good Doctor's wife what she suggested to us. What did me in was dried fruit. Plus it helps in the delivery process...sorry, too much information.

We're thinking of you.


Otis wanted to color the other day and specifically wanted to color Coletty on a big red tractor. Funny kid.