Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hazel Daphne

Born Tuesday March 3, 2009 @ 9:21pm
8.15 lbs 21"long
(Picture courtesy of Pullman Regional Hospital)
Proud Daddy, Big Brother and Sister
All is well and we are home.A very relieved and happy momma!

Cliff notes: ( I may post a more detailed version later)
Tuesday morning see my Dr. she strips my membranes and tells me that I should fry up some scrambled eggs in a few tablespoons of Caster oil to see if it will promote labor.
Scheduled an Induction for Saturday because I was seriously SICK of being prego.
Poppy and I buy some caster oil...walk to get Oscar from school, research a little on caster oil and decide I'll give it a go.

6pm we have Dinner. I scramble up my eggs and quite truthfully they weren't too bad.
I don't know if it was the caster oil, because it never gave me the poo's and truthfully I never really felt anything in response to the caster oil...unless it actually threw me into labor???

8:31 One 15 min Contraction followed by continuous breaks.

8:50 tell Rick it is time to go-he calls our sitters/ we leave...

Hospital arrival 9pm

Room 9:10pm

Delivery 9:21pm
Hazel was born "in the caul", meaning that the amniotic sac did not break and my Doc broke the sack after her head was delivered. He informed me that this indeed is lucky. I suppose it is only flitting for our March baby. Lucky baby, lucky month.
Doc delivers baby in his sweatshirt (he did get gloves on) luckily he lives 3 minutes from the hospital.
I was still in my shirt and jacket post delivery.
Doc changes into some scrubs to stitch me up and we joke about that it took him 4 minutes to get to the hospital because he couldn't find his car keys. He had just gotten out of the bath tub and had crawled into bed when he got the call.
Due to Poppy's Delivery being 1hr 45min...he knew he had to get there quick. My actual Dr. was called first but because she was 20 minutes away they called him.

Rick got to spend the night with me at the hospital, because some of our great Friend Helen and Justin stayed with the kids.
Rick went home at 6am and the kids never even knew we left.
Everything went really well and we were able to go home last night.
Today life is good... I can move, breathe, and to be quite honest I think Hazel is much more snuggly on the outside.
We are all smitten by her good mellow nature and both of the kids adore her.
Tonight, I am basking in the blessings I have. So many well wishes and close friends that care for us. I truly feel an overwhelming sense of love...and I know it isn't just the hormones!

For the record (despite all of my whining and complaining)...It was worth the nine-plus months of work.


Betina said...


Congratulations! Little Hazel is so so snuggly and cute. Georgia will have a nice little playmate in a few months.

I can't wait to hold her!

You are one awesome Momma!

Lisa B. said...

Collette!!!! yayayayayya!!!! i LOVE the name by the way... super cute. oh i'm so excited for you. she is just beautiful. i have a different phone and i dont have your number. can you email it to me! wehn you are feeling up to it obviously.. oh congrats.

Jen said...

hooray!!! congratulations collette! i've been checking your blog nonstop to see this darling litte baby! and she is GORGEOUS! i LOVE that name, by the way.

oh my heck, i can't believe how FAST that was!!!! you are amazing.

ash said...

Dearest Letty,

I am so so so so happy for you! She is so beautiful! Can't wait to see you both!

Maren and Blake said...

merilee filled me in on the quick delivery story. Wow! She is so beautiful. I can't wait to see her in person. I love those cheeks.

Way to do it Collette, no pains killer would have done me in. You are a superwoman.

Allison said...

See, all that work your body was doing in advanve made it so you didn't have to labor at that hospital. And how awesome is it that your baby was born in the caul. That is super cool! Can you eat chocolate when you're nursing, or does it bother your babies?

By the way, I drank a little castor oil with Austin when he was five days over. It never affected my GI tract, but a couple hours after taking it I was in labor. So, it could have been the castor oil... just maybe...

Allison said...

Hazel is EXTREMELY adorable by the way. It is so fun to see three kids in your family picture now. Looks like she's always belonged!

Suzie-Q said...

Oh so cute!! Maren filled me in this afternoon. I am so glad that posted it though I love her too! I just can't wait to have mine too now!!
When is a good time to call and set up bringing you dinner> (I am your VT so I have to do something for you!!)
Love you. you are so amazing!!!

anna jo said...

oh, collette! we are so happy for you + your little family! she is so absolutely adorable! :)

Nedge said...

I love the name! I love the pictures. I'm so glad Hazel arrived safely.

Tanner's Tales said...

Congrats:) She is a cutie. Hey-my class on bees and bugs was fun. He showed us all the tricks to getting your bees started. Looks like fun. he said you need to let yourself get stung 30-40 times a year-then they just feel like mosquito bites. Sounds like fun...

JoAnna said...

YAY! She is so adorable... and I do like the name you guys picked for her! How lucky your delivery was so quick! I only hope and pray mine can go similar to yours. Glad to see you are all happy, safe, and well. Love and miss you

mama rhodes said...

She is gorgeous. I am amazed you took the time to write for all of us. Thank you.

Shauna said...

I'm so happy for you! I know being pregnant is not your favorite. It's good to have a little baby on the outside to love and cuddle. Way to go!

Traci said...

yeah, she is here. congrats and adorable name for a lil'qt!!!

Caroline K. said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
So very happy for you, Collette!

Maybe one of these days we'll sneak over to the "other" side to peek in on your wonderful addition!

Happy snuggling!

jw said...

Congrats & woo hoo! Hazel (i'm glad rick had a change of heart - it's perfect)! Thanks for posting the story. A big hug to you all!! :)