Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bike ride!!!

Today was the First ride of the season. We delivered Oscar to his first birthday party at a "McDonald's".
Earlier in the week when we read his invitation to the party, our conversation was something like this...
Oscar "Mom do you know where McDonald is?"
Me "Yes, I know where McDonald's is."
Oscar "My friends at pre-school get toys from McDonald's."
Me "McDonald's is a place to get food and you get a toy with your food."
Oscar "No, I know, it's where you get toys."

I was quite pleased with the fact that he had never had a "happy meal". Although, being the well-rounded, fair mother that I try to be. I allowed him to attend the party. He had a very good time and exhausted himself on the play equipment. Adam's mother did inform me that he wasn't very interested in actually eating his "Happy Meal". He liked getting the toy but we accidentally left it at McDonald's. He was a little sad to have left it but he received a spiderman puzzle from the party mom so he was OK with the loss.

A little while ago Old Warrior gave me an article that is really interesting... here is the link "Unhappy Meals" .

The Ride this morning was so nice and it was great to feel the wind in our face again. I found that I have a much better imagination about how fast I'm going on my bike when I'm teaching my spinning classes. With a nice strong head-wind I was not a quick as I thought I would be. Today, I'm grateful that I've been spinning over the saddle sores from the ride!!! Wooo Hooo!
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