Thursday, March 29, 2007

Postal package delight!

In the world of Edge, there is nothing more exciting than getting a package in the mail. The minute we get a package we go through the routine of calling Grandma to see if it is something we can open "now"(vs. waiting for birthday, Christmas etc.)
Today Oscar, the spideysuperbat hero, received a new addition to his super-hero wardrobe. A spiderman glove that has multiple attachments including water-sprayer web action, actual silly spray action, and a torpedo/suction cup shooter. Now what in the world could a super-hero fanatic want more?
He has spent the last two hours alternating between the three attachments.
Grandma seems to know just what is the coolest stuff kids could want. Poppy was given this super-cool all zipper purse that if you unzip any of the 17 zippers that make up the bag, you can see inside. What girl wouldn't love a bag like that??
Grandma also likes to include things of great humor quality...
While they were visiting a couple of weeks ago. We went out for Chinese food. Oscar was quite sleepy and grumpy at the time and was not the usual lovable boy we typically enjoy. No, we actually left the restaurant, me carrying him, with him screaming "I WANT A FORTUNE COOKIE!!!!".
Quiet amusing for the other customers and grandparents... to the parent traumatic.
Grandma was gracious enough to include in the package a delightful little box of fortune cookies. Clearly compensating for the mean Mommy's denial of said cookie, because of poor behavior.
Thank you Grandma for supplying all the truly fun things we own and enjoy. You definitely know how to make the grand kids happy!


mummy said...

ah, to be a kid again. Just to be a real hero in our mind, to stand for truth and goodness, to help all people in need, to be incredibly strong yet humble. Its good we all acted out those heroes in our imagination in our youth. Now that we are grown up we can choose to be heroes in our everyday lives

Abby Norman said...

I want one! I want one! :)

mama rhodes said...

I just hope Oscar never chooses to act the part of the villian, especially when Poppy is acting as his side-kick!

mummy said...

We tried the "Blog Beans" yesterday. They were sooooo verrrry tasty! I can't wait for fresh thyme, oregano and basil and even tomatoes for the recipe. We only used the dry stuff because fresh is so expensive here. I really can't wait for fresh basil, that wonderful aroma and taste-can't wait. Do you have anymore tasty recipes to share? We have a Y.W. bakeoff coming up and I plan to make the Blog Beans.
I really don't understand the lawyer talk. It seems like it would be more of an infringement if you did't mention where you got the recipe. Kind of like when you write a report for school you have to put footnotes where you got the information. It seems more fair to give the author the credit. Anyhoo. do you have any more of those recipes?