Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Poppy reminds me of a Fraggle. Her wispy fuzzy hair and big eyes. She is this little Fraggle puppet who buzzes around the house like a busy bee. She is sweet and adorable, smelling all the sweet flowers of life. Then all of a sudden, she stings the innocent passer-bys. Yes, she has a stinger made of little pinchers. Frequently she applies her pinching to the Lil'O. Then she runs away for one second then returns for a second shot. She is quite the little tease. I know immediately where she genetically received that quality (and it wasn't the Y chromosome).
Some of her sweeter attributes include (but not limited to): She can dance...this little girl has a groove. She has this contagious laugh that makes you want to squeeze and tickle her. She also has quite a few words...Cookie, daddy, momma, BOY (this is what she calls Oscar), dogie, more, please, thank you, NO, ninky (binki), bottle, yucky, kitty, up. She knows how to get peoples attention (good or bad). She also has developed a talent of eating dog food and mixing the dog's water and food together (just think she is a cook in training!).
This little fire cracker of a girl, is so adorable you can't help but adore her...but be careful...she bites!
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old warrior said...

hmm--so she go the teasing from the mom's side?...I can see that. Oh--add "goger" to her word list.

mummy said...

thats what you call superb binking material!

Betina said...

Poppy's language development is coming along nicely :)

Tanner's Tales said...

I love it...Fraggle Rock!

Abby Norman said...

I love the picture. Definitely going to be on our computer for a while.