Sunday, April 29, 2007

Seaport River Run

70 degrees, dogwoods blooming, kiddies in the stroller with the hubby long-gone, smiley by my side...ah, the sweet feeling of a good Saturday run.
Yesterday, we did the Seaport River run 10k in Lewiston. It was a beautiful day (warmest day yet of the season). On this particular run, when you get to the end of the run you get a boat ride back to the start. It was sooo much fun. Smiley was over-heating for the majority of the run. (I think he needs to lose more of his winter coat.) Twice I had to stop for him to get a drink and to dip himself in the river. He was pretty exhausted by the end.
As for the Rickster...he pulled a 44 min flat pushing the stroller(didn't even phase him!). I did my own pace and did a 52 min. We had a great time and polished off the day with a little yard work and a swim.
Oh, how I love the longer days of spring with nice weather and the fun of spending time with my family!
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Abby Norman said...

If you look closely, you can see:
Oscar's sticking his tongue out.
Poppy's pointing at a purple polka-dotted oliphant.

And in the last picture:
a sweaty-headed man with two kids. :)

Abby Norman said...

(Now that I read my comment...why do we call them "polka-dots"? Why not just spots, or speckles, or...dots...why polka dots? Isn't that a type of dance...hmmm...wikipedia, here I come?)

Tanner's Tales said...

Look at the first picture closely: No wonder Will has hair like he does...It must come from the Edge side.

Traci said...

Congrats on your race! That is awesome. It's good to read your blog and see what you are up to in your world.

Lisa B. said...

oh i wish i was there with you guys.. or that you were here with us..either way.. way to go Edges! Later did you trim the hedges? or look over the ledges? haha

mamma letty said...

Haahaaa Lisa you are sooo original! ;0)