Friday, April 27, 2007

Ebay treasures...

Recently we have had occasion to purchase a few items on eBay. I thought I would share our treasures with you!
Ricky's New wheels...After pulling the third-wheel and being shaken up a bit we decided it was time to get a bike with a little bigger tires and a more sturdy frame. (Last night I pulled the third wheel behind my bike and I can attest to the very unstable, (especially when climbing) and quite tricky balancing act. Also, the Rickster will be able to ride this bike to work without fear of losing his sweet Lightspeed.

Next up we have a dozen vanilla beans...great for making our own home-brewed vanilla!! Umm, I can't wait!
Lastly, I just purchased four of these sweet vintage knobs to accent my lovely avocado kitchen. The curtains I'm making will hang from the four knobs...pretty cute eh?
Well, that's all for now! Happy trails!


Abby Norman said...

very sweet.
I actually like the knobs!
I'm excited to see the progression of your kitchen.
When can I come by?

Betina said...

Cool nobs.

I have made vanilla with vodka and vanilla beans, but my sister spent a summer in Tahiti where they make it with rum. I think the rum tastes better.

Can a Mormon say that convincingly?

mamma locks said...

Very cute. Funny how Avacado is so great.... and we made fun of our parents for their avacado pants (shame).

Tanner's Tales said...

Isn't ebay great? good luck on your training...I have 3 weeks left until my half marathon, and I found out we can't take the stoller because the trail is too narrow (it goes through Ogden Canyon). Oh well, Willie would have probably gotten bored anyway.