Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oh, Boy!

While preparing for our wards primary activity yesterday. Oscar entertained himself by watering the flowers. Being the nice mom that I am, I told him to make sure and wash his feet off before he comes in the house. After a few minutes left alone, I looked out the kitchen window to find, my sweet little Oscar frolicking through the mud!
Oh, to be 4 3/4 and feel the sweet freedom of frolicking about, naked in the mud!
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Abby Norman said...

Oh, man! I want to do that! That looks like fun!!!!

Jamison Fischer said...

abby, I think that you guys will need to build a higher fence first.

mummy said...

that picture is going to stay with O the rest of his life. Dad thinks we girls should all get together and try it out but you can count me out, doesn't exactly fit my idea of a great time.

A. Buchanan said...

that is awesome...we might goto jail if we did that where we live, dang i thought we were on liberal lane. looks like we are going to have to move there, looks like we won't have to pack much!