Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random Tidbits

1. Mr. Digital camera took a fall and will be out of commission for a little while. Hopefully, all the kings horses and men will put him back together again!
I may have to go to photo archives to keep my blog a photo happening place.

2. Currently I'm on a no-junk food diet (including: anything chocolate, candy, cracker, snack food variety items) during the week. Having said that, this is what I ate this weekend (besides my regular food intake):
-Copious amounts of Easter candy that I deprived myself from during the week.
-Chocolate fudge strawberry waffles
-Strawberry yogurt ice cream with hot fudge on top (twice)
-Chips and salsa (due to comments, I may need to add this to the ok-to-eat list)
-Cookies from a going-away party
-A few chocolate chips
As of yesterday morning, I am junk-food free until Saturday! (Betina and I are still looking for a great reward for the winner who can do the challenge the longest. Any suggestions?)
3. I was recently thinking about Pullman and all the cool people I have met since we moved here. This is a list of countries that I have met people from:
-Ukraine: Natasha
-Russia: Irina
-Germany: Lotah and Umgard
-India: Susmita and family
-Korea: Lee family
-Palestine: Reem and Samer, and cute mom who was visiting
-Mexico: Javier and Sara
-Argentina: Marcos
-Ecuador: Andrea
-France: Natalie
-Canada: Betina and Family
-I have also met people who have (or will be) adopting babies from: Kazakhstan (Emma), Ethiopia (to be determined), and Guatemala (baby Marcos, not here yet, but soon!).
What a cool place to live where so many different cultures come together!


Tanner's Tales said...

Chips and salsa are a treat?

Betina said...

Yes. I am very cool, you are right.


ANyway, Marcos (if it's the Kelly/Tony Marcos) is in Guatemala.

I don't know if I consider chips and salsa a treat. Or crackers. I have had triscit crackers several times. My "junk" is really more surgary stuff, including jam, which is hard.

I don't think I have eaten chips/salsa since the challenge, but I just did not really consider them junk pobably becuase I don't get addicted to them like I do with sugary things.

Abby Norman said...

Hmmm a reward? How about...crepes drizzling in freezer jam and powdered sugar?

(Now i'm going to have to make some soon!)

mamma letty said...

Ok, I have officially added chips and salsa to the available food options(my snacky side will thank you).
Next, I have updated baby Marcos place of origin. (previously, I'm not sure why, I put his home in Columbia) Thanks Betina!!

Tanner's Tales said...

So I was going to try the whole no treats thing since my running partner, Mindy, is doing the same thing. So I decided I was going to start as soon as we finsished the cinnamon rolls that were here, but then Grandma Edge comes up and makes brownies and buys cookies and leaves boxes of junior mints around. Now how am I supposed to do no treats with all of that around? Especially when the cookies have nuts, so Reed can't eat them, so I have to!

Betina said...

I am HATING YOU RIGHT NOW. I was in Spokane today and the only thing my entire heart and soul wanted was to take the kids and me to Cold Stone Creamery.

This misery is all your fault.

Maybe my hips will thank you later, but not now.

I came home and tried to make do with a light yogurt, but it just WAS NOT THE SAME.

mummy said...

I hope all you guys live a long time enjoying your slim and fit bodies. As for me I have decided (because of lack of self control) to enjoy living a shorter time and indulging in the chocolate and goodies and the large butt that comes with them. What better way to develop strong leg muscles?

A. Buchanan said...

we do pretty well with those no junk goals, however sometimes i just lose it!!!