Sunday, March 4, 2007


Here are the results...
(bib #, name, city, time, place overall, place within age group.)
436 EDGE, Rick Pullman, WA 1:41:57 86 11
437 EDGE, Collette Pullman, WA 1:59:58 182 13
After a week of illness and uncertainty as to weather I was actually going to do the race. We did it (Ricky has very persuasive subliminal messaging tactics). But we had a great time. I'm grateful for his little extra push that made me consent.
Betina on the other hand (my friend who had been training for some time), was plagued with the flu and unable to accompany us. Believe me Betina.. you would have made a much more encouraging running partner than my MP3 player...I have discovered that Grateful Dead does not make my list of favorite music for such a long run! The songs are way too slow and long! It takes two miles to finish one song!!! Next time I will modify my play lists!
Rick had a great time of 1:41, I barely made my goal of 2 fact the picture guy took a picture of the clock just as I was crossing the finish line.
It was a really nice run (flat, no wind). Our friend Adam (who just turned 16) had a awesome finish as well. He came in 1:31. There is another great picture of a lady shooting a snot rocket but Ricky threatened me that he wanted to blog the photo. So, check out his blog for the sweet picture. Just in case it takes him a while to post it here is the link.


Betina said...

GOOD JOB COLLETTY! I am very jealous, yet proud at the same time :) What a good hubby you have, to urge you on to physical greatness.

old warrior said...

Ah, to have young knees again. You kids are great. And thanks for being such good parents to our grandkids.

little sis said...

I need to start running.

A. Buchanan said...

Totally awesome guys, this will stoke out Lisa.