Sunday, May 4, 2008

3rd annual Mother's Day Ride

The Mammas Total number of Kids between us all=26
Top Row:Jen(1), Ana(1), Nikki(3), Betina(3), Tera(4)
Bottom Row: Me(2), Kelly(5), Beth(5), Jori (2)& baby Ezra(10 wks old!!! Jori is amazing)
Yesterday us Mamma's embarked on our annual Mother's Day ride. For 60 miles we ride, chat, snack, and soak in all of the beautiful surroundings. In fact this year is probrably the year with the best temperatures. On the way out we had little to no wind, and on the return we had a mild headwind but nothing bad. It was such a great ride!!

Here is a pic of one of the two nesting bald eagles we saw off the side of the trail.
Turn around point! 30 miles out. Ladies stretching and taking a little break.
Here is one of a pair of Moose we also saw off the side of the trail. They just looked up at us and kept on eating.
That is why I love being on a bike. I can be part of nature and just soak it all in without flying by, never really experiencing the beauty around.
Here are a few of the ladies about 9 miles out from the end. Still looking strong and note Beth (in the green shirt) this was her first ride over 10 miles. She was so strong and really such a joy to have on the ride!! I think this may be a bright beginning for her. She's got the makings of a bicycle queen.

Each time we do this ride I find myself in complete awe at the incredibly beautiful world we live in. So often we get wrapped up in the everyday struggle of balancing daily life and world preservation, that we forget to really enjoy what we have. I often wonder what would happen if we were to get every human being on a bike, and have them feel the air through their hair, the sun on their nose, and the confidence that comes from knowing that we each have been given such amazing bodies.
The wonder of the gifts that God has given us are so prevalent when you are experiencing it on a bike. Things slow down, our bodies and minds wonder, and suddenly we are lost in a whole world.
That is just one side of this ride...the other is the whole experience of doing this with other mothers. As we ride we talk about our families, things we are working on, problem solve, encourage, strengthen and come away with a renewed sense of motherhood. Here are a few of the lessons I learned along the trail yesterday:
-Beth's strength reminded me of something I have learned many times before: Our bodies have a much greater capacity to do, than our brains think. We cut our bodies short by setting up a boundary that we think we cannot cross. Yet when we find ourselves at the gate, jump over, we find about ourselves something that we never new existed before. STRENGTH!!
-Resiliency: there are many instances (I won't go into detail) but multiple stories of rebounding growth from tragedy and trials.
-Love: Each woman was just one more example of what it means to love others. All of them beam this radiance of love. They love life, their families, their community, and hold preciously in their lives the interest of others outside of themselves.
-Note to self: Pack your own lunch...the cheese Pizza and burger joint aren't nearly as tasty as a home made PBJ!
I will stop there, but WOW I love this ride and I love these women. Thanks for once again making this ride great!!!
The next post is about the AWESOME daddies who allowed us to escape for the day and made it all possible!!!!


Beth said...

That ride was a life changing experience for me. I can't thank you enough for your example, kindness and support you gave to me. I have truly learned to love and respect you as a friend and a fellow MOM! I look forward to future rides together!

Jen said...

That ride was awesome. :) I loved it- there are no words to express it. :)
Beth rocks, too- I was still marveling over her riding 60 miles without any other long rides! It kept my whiny butt in check! :)
Thank you so much for inviting me along! It was great. I have to come down next year. Maybe I'll bike down. Ha!

Traci said...

What an awesome thing to do a mommy ride! Looked like fun!

nikki said...

hi crew!
thank you so much for inviting me along collette. once again i had a great time and i loved all the commradery with the mommies and meeting new people!
thank you and i look forward to next year