Thursday, May 15, 2008

random weeks photos

4mile run...woohoo! I am now over my self imposed running ban. Abd news is that it still sin;t quite right. But the run was awesome.
Family Photo...posing with the new clothes that grandma and Grandpa Edge sent.
Tuesday the Kids and i went for an indigenous plant hike with the local Master gardeners. It was fun, but I was the only one with kids...Very exciting. We hiked up to Paradise Ridge in Moscow.
Me and the kids at the place we turned around.
Poppy getting a whiff of the pretty flowers..
Sorry the post is so short...but we have had a busy week and we leave for Seattle Tomorrow. I'll post more when I get back.
Happy trails friends.

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Old Warrior said...

Glad you took a bit of a run. We had a Tai Chi master come to our staff meetin yesterday to introduce us to Tai Chi. We did the warm-up--about 15 minutes--that they do before the 108 movements in this particular form. We were all sweating and pleasantly strectched-out. I think you might want to see if there are Tai Chi classes taught up there. Might stretch, strengthen so that you can run without the pain. have a big time on your vacation! Wish we were there.