Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ricky's 32

(Ride to Troy...here is Rick, and me the little spot in the background)
Up until right now I have upheld my birthday present to Rick...An entire day of Rick oriented activities. This list includes: No driving, a nice long bike ride (42 miles), lots of yard work/play, no company or friends, no cake, lots of chocolate, and a whole lot of family time.
This my friends is the perfect day for my sweet spouse. It even included me NOT blogging about him.
That was yesterday...and so today, I will blog.
Our bike ride to Troy was great fun. It was Oscar's first 42 miler on the trailer bike. This is a pic of him holding up mine and his bike at the turn around point. He was disappointed not being able to ride behind dad.
At one point in the ride, almost to the turn-around, up a hill, and against the wind (which means I'm not moving faster than 10mph). He says to me, "Mom, when I get bigger and can ride a big bike by myself, I'm going to go much faster and farther than you."
To this I reply..."Oscar, then you will know what it means when I say we have a HEAD wind and a hill. It is a bunch of work, not to mention pulling you too."
On the way back he was happy that we had a tail wind, and our speed was significantly increased. I also don't chase down other riders quite like the Daddy. (While we are on the subject, where so those dog like reflexes come from anyway???)

For the sake of honoring the perfect birthday, I will refrain from getting all mushy and telling the whole internet world all of the amazing things about my great husband. I will suffice to say that I married one really great guy and everyday I'm grateful that he decided to marry me. I think we make a great team!
Happy 32 Ricker.


Traci said...

Hey is that your jogger, the Chariot? We have one too and love it, actually it's Brandon's jogger!

mummy said...

there looks to be definition on Oscar's leg!

Beth said...

What great fun! He might not have anything to wish for now! I laughed a lot because that seems like the kind of day my husband would enjoy as well.

Betina said...

What a great bike ride!

I will take a couple of tomatoes. We finally planted everything today, but I have a little room left to sqeeze in a free tomato plant.


Old Warrior said...

Where do those dog reflexes come from? Well, you know the truism--"one bike is a ride, two a race"....