Friday, February 6, 2009

37 weeks

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This is what happens when you self time a photo of yourself and play with some editing features!

Here I am 37 weeks and feeling a bit like an overstuffed turkey. I haven't really posted much lately due to the fact that pregnancy occupies the majority of my thoughts and if I shared even a fraction of those with you, you would be sick of me.
I have been thinking about some things I will share...

1. Each of my pregnancies have been so different. Different phases of our life (1-school/working/no children, 2- school/moving/buying a house/Rick taking his first pseudo-real job/one prior child, 3- semi-settled/ Rick having a real job, that he likes/ two kids (one in school)/ a more settled community around us), each phase has had different atmospheres, different support groups, different lifestyle habits etc.
It seems like each one has been a completely different experience (including deliveries). It will be interesting to see how the remainder of this pregnancy plays out.
The point is, that although I have done this before, it seems like I have to re-learn all the tricks and changes all over again.

2. Pregnancy seems to me to be one of the longest challenges in patience that can exist for an extended period of time...I'm talking even raising kids doesn't require as much patience for a straight nine months. I like patience in smaller doses. I like being able to hurdle the task in one bound, rather than having to continually change my focus and concentration in order to endure the prolonged changes.

3. Exercises helps! No big surprise there, but being more stable this go around, I have had a lot more pre-set routines that have helped me to keep exercising even though it has become a bit uncomfortable. I'm grateful for the physical outlets I have to keep me busy. It may not feel very good at the time, but almost each time I feel better at the end of the day.
I'm also very appreciative for students who endure seeing me stretched out on a bike for the duration of a spin class (I'm sure it isn't the prettiest sight). They are most encouraging and always supportive.
This is my coping tool to not become too impatient...that said, I still have dreams that I am running and not pregnant. I also must confess that I find myself longing for the day when I will be able to resume my normal physical abilities.

4. As you can see, I'm quite the complainer... but deep down there are some other things I am really enjoying. As I pulled out the newborn clothing I was once again reminded at just how small and amazing new babies are. I look at these teeny, tiny onesies and my heart can't wait to meet our new little Edgie. I look forward to snuggling this little soul on the outside.
Not to mention that I am a bit curious as to which gender of child we will be adding to our family.

5. I'm still not certain how we will be dividing up the room situation. I'm glad the baby will be in our room for a bit so we can make better preparations post-delivery. I'm torn between Oscar who is the hard sleeper, with a room that has taken on the smelly little boy essence. I can see him sleeping right through a hungry baby scream, but this pack-rat stashing habits have me wanting to avoid his room whenever possible.
Poppy on the other hand is a light sleeper, and will most likely want to play in her room during the time period which would probably be baby nap time.
We have the extra room downstairs but it is a bit awkward (I have to go through there to get to the laundry room). We are thinking of re-structuring the basement but it may take a bit of I guess we shall see what happens.

6. Each time I am pregnant I can't possibly imagine going through this process again...I truly gain a much greater respect for those women who have had many children. I know there are some people who love being pregnant, but I find it hard to believe. Therefore, kudos to all of you amazing women out there!

7. Chocolate...I seem to have developed an even greater affinity for the yummy stuff! I seriously have lost all self control in the chocolate category. I can no longer maintain my 1 small handful of chocolate chips a day. To say that we have been going through bags of chocolate chips at exponential speed would be putting it lightly. The funny thing is that it is the basic dark chocolate that I want. Nothing fancy, just good'ol dark delicious chocolate chips.
Oh, and last week I was bombarded with the intense urge for need to fear i somehow mustered up the strength to avoid buying any at the store. But I was delighted to find that at two of the events I attended last Saturday, had a plate of oreos. I actually was even able to limit myself to just one from each plate. I was quite proud of myself.

8. Lastly, because I could go on and on...I am having to become a fish in order to ward of the curse of puffy leg syndrome (aka edema). I thought I drank a lot of water before, but even though I was consciously trying to drink lots of water, I have found that the amount is somewhere in the 2 1/2 liter amounts that seems to keep the edema at bay.
The problem with pushing fluids is that there is only so much space left for the fluid to go. How can my body need so much??? It's like it is storing up for a departure into the Mojave desert. All I can say, is that I hope it isn't gearing up for a long labor session.
Oh, and the last thing I will say is that I seem to be dreaming about what ever it is I was last thinking about the night before. It goes over and over though my brain with little to no resolve. This too, will be another thing I look forward to...normal dream cycles, that is, if I get any sleep at all.

If you actually read all of this...I am impressed! Next I hope to do a post about the birth of Oscar and Poppy (don't worry, no gory details)...we shall see.


Maren said...

I can't believe you are already 37 weeks. That baby will be here before you know it. I loved the little facts about your pregnancy.

Tanner's Tales said...

So Mom (so I'm told) at a 40lb bag of chocolate chips when she was pregnant with me...When I was a kid that sounded like a lot, but now, I could totally eat 40lbs of chocolate chips in 9 months...I was a big baby though...maybe it was the chocolate?

Nedge said...

Yay! You're impressed!

I have one argument against your post: You are not much of a complainer. You just think you are. :)

Danielle said...

Hang in there! Technically you could deliver any day! I don't know if that is reassuring or not though! And no, your not a complainer! If you are, we all are, because you said what we all around your gestation are thinking! I hear ya on labor though. Even though I've been through it 3 times, there are still "butterflies" as to how it's going to be "this time." Hang in there, your almost there, and then we will all be jealous of you!

Allison said...

I read it all!

1. Hopefully your baby will be a good sleeper so you can have those normal dream cycles again. Ada just started sleeping through the night a few weeks ago (she had been waking every 2-3 hours), and the first night, I actually had THREE dreams. It was shocking afte a year of no dreams.

2. I'm glad that we unknowingly helped you with your oreo fix.

3. Go ahead and eat those chocolate chips. With your desire/ability to exercise at this stage in the game, you totally deserve them. You are amazing!

Suzie-Q said...

I loved learning more about you in this way. I don't think this is complaining at all, We have to have "out" somehow don't we?
If your ready to help the process along I have a couple of trick up my sleevesthat my prevous Dr passed along to me. (I know they work too, through mine and all my sisters pregnancies you just have to find the one that works for you.)
Oh, I think you look GREAT too!!!

mummy said...

I'm sure glad Suzie Q didn't post those "tips" I bet some of them are a bit personal!

jw said...

can you have this baby before saturday so we can meet the new edge before we leave? perhaps wednesday night... the last time we all got together it put someone else into labor :)

Jen said...

Amen to all of the above. Holy different pregnancies here, too, batman. it's incredible.

you're almost done with this one! how exciting that you don't know if it's a boy or girl. i needed to know this time around, but was happy to be surprised last time.

swimming might help with the water thing. i notice at night (already) my ankles are starting to swell and i'll be a little edemic in the morning. if i go pool running or even if we just go hang out in the pool as a family at night, it helps move the water out of your system. shane has a whole scientific explanation for the process- i just know it works...but last pregnancy i didn't need to worry about that until the very end.

i'm impressed you're still spinning! i need to get on my trainer in the garage. i miss biking- running has been out since 8 weeks for me and i am bummed beyond belief about it- the original due date i had was on the summer solstice marathon/half they have here. at least i'll deliver (hopefully) BEFORE that. next year, that will be a good goal. :)

here is to a fantastic and fast delivery! :)

Jen said...

and...i agree with the sister-in-law. you are like the least complaintant person i know. :)

Betina said...

I can't wait to meet the new Edgie either!

mama rhodes said...

Excercise became a necesity of life for me when I was pregnant. Does the soul good!

the herd said...

Oh boy! Very, very soon! These are some great thoughts!