Thursday, February 19, 2009


Last night as I lay in bed experiencing the lovely pains of contractions (almost to the point of convincing me of going into the hospital), the stupid things decide it was just a joke, and that they will hold off for another session, at a later date. This is nothing new, I experienced similar events with the Popster. Just when I think that this must be it, they seem to fade and I'm left with two hours of sleep time and a body that feels like it has been doing core work all night long.
The pro of the false labor work is that it tends to dilate me VERY slowly over a long period of time, so that when the time actually comes it goes pretty quick (at least with poppy). I do find some comfort in knowing that at least I've dilated some and that it is that much less I have to go before this child will enter this world.
The con is that I'm always confused during the process as to exactly what point do I decide to go in. With Poppy my water broke so I had a sure sign. This time however, I wonder if I should go before my water breaks? If I'm timing my contractions and they are very close (like in false labor) how far do I let them go before I have waited too long? Will they just fade as I arrive at the hospital? I wish Vicky were here like last time so I have a close reference to get inspiration.
Now because I have very little control over this, I have made a few big steps today.
I am now officially off as the spinning instructor. Last nights workout was enough to keep me sore today and unsure of when this baby will actually come. I decided it was time to cave in. Time to throw in the towel and let this baby know that I'm seriously ready for it to arrive!
I've cleaned what I want to clean (short of possibly mopping the kitchen floor one last time), I've washed and prepped the baby stuff, the car seat is ready to go...people are lined up to take over parental duties short term....
In fact I have now delegated out all of my normal responsibilities and as of today have no real obligations to speak of...nothing to worry about, aside from the welfare of my kidos.
Therefore i thought that if i declared it loud enough and to a wide enough audience, maybe this little edge baby will get the picture and grace us with it's presence!
Here's hoping...but if I'm still pregnant two weeks from now, don't be surprised. That's just how my body does this. i suppose I come by it honestly, my mom has told me that I had her convinced three times that I was coming...even had her mom come from Canada who had to turn around and leave before I actually came. My mother also gave me the week late baby syndrome too...I guess what goes around comes around. Only this time, I hope that maybe just maybe it will arrive a little early or even on the due date!

Oh, and I promise not to lament any further on this labor and delivery process...I swear that I will be patient and content as best I can.


Suzie-Q said...

It is good to know that you have helping hands ready to take over for you.
Please let us know if we can do anything for you before during or after even to help you out.

By the way I have a new V.T. partner but I don't have a # for her yet, when I finally get to talk to her I'll try to make an appt. with you.

Maren and Blake said...

Contractions stink, especially when the baby doesn't come. I hope, for your sake, that baby edge comes soon. If you need ANYTHING, dinners, cleaners, etc, let me know.

Danielle said...

Good luck! Luckily it sounds like physically you have everything ready! If you ever have any questions, give me a call! I've dealt with lots of prego mom's, and still do. There is no dumb question! Hang in there, you're so close!!!

Jen said...

good luck, collette! i wish i was there and could help out. how frustrating to have labor and then have it not be. you'll know when to go, i think. you have a pretty good knowledge of your body and how it runs. :)

baby edge! COME OUT! :)

Mamma Letty said...

Thanks to all of you ladies! I raelly feel surrounded here by so many willing and capable friends.

Still no baby...not that I really think it will come early...only hope! But I was able to sleep last night, which helps!
Thanks friends!

Allison said...

With Austin I went to the hospital 3 times (all during the week after his due date) thinking I was in labor and it stopped while there every time. It was so frustrating--especially because he was the fourth, and shouldn't I have known my body by then? I guess every baby likes to come into this world as they please.

I replied to your question about my painting project in the comments section of my post.

mama rhodes said...

Maybe you have "white coat syndrome." As soon as you see a white coat you stop labor.

mummy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm reading all these labor blogs as I am sitting in labor and delivery. They all make me laugh! Funny thing is a couple days ago I was holding Carter and Grandma asked me when I was going to start another one, or have I already got one going! Now theres a real laugh for you. Too bad I didn't send a little precip kit home with Rick-a cord clamp, some sissors, a bulb syringe and blankets. Labor is like love, when will you know its the true thing? YOU WILL KNOW No stoppin those contractions when its really labor. Just do your kick counts, remember 6-8 kicks in an hour but also remember they sleep 1-1/2 hours at a time. You can wake them up with a sweet drink, a loud noise on your belly (like a phone ringing) or moving your stomach with your hand. Well, guess I better go tend my patient Mom in labor.