Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is why...

A Mother such as I will endure the pains of pregnancy and child birth! Chicken RaisingBecoming the neighborhood eggs-pert (sorry it couldn't be helped), egg sales entrepreneur...
Becoming a eggs-pert chicken catcher...All on her own.

Coyote Hunting

Valentine Candy Picnic...Gorging
What? Only one at a time??
Little kisses and snuggles from the princess in her new Valentine's Dress from Grandma Edge.
Who asked the other day "Will you never hold me again?" after explaining that I can no longer carry her around this belly of mine!
A boy who still loves to play with his very pregnant mom...just today while he was on top of the jungle gym he asks "Mom will you play with us up here?" I respond that very soon I will be able to again!Posing in their Sunday their Mom's request and complying.
Creating Rick and I Muddy heart Valentines a week in advance so that they would have enough time to dry...all on their own with no knowledge of either parent! I think I may need to shadow box their creations. Possibly the best Valentine I've ever received!

This my friends, is what makes this whole process worth it! I'm certain there will probrably be nothing else in this life that will be more worth the effort, than the joy my kids bring me!
Now to place this on constant brain replay to get through this next week or two...I can't wait to meet our new little Edgie.


Old Warrior said...

Enjoy, savor, slurp it up, even the 39 weeks....(as if I would know!). "Sunrise, Sunset". We blinked twice and our oldest is awaiting their third, our baby is 20 stinkin' years old herself! Heck, I feel like I am only 20 something ('till I pass a reflection and wonder just who that old grandpa is). We can't wait to meet Henry/Matilda our own selves. And you went coyote hunting without us?...

Suzie-Q said...

I love being a mom Too! I love all the little things that kids can come up with.
And if Poppy wonders if anyone noticed her new dress, Yes I did and I thought she looked just like a princess!

Jen said...

you make the greatest kids. i'm so excited to see another little edge!!!
shane and i were talking about how kellen is now in ctr 5 and we taught oscar in that class! neither of us could believe how much either of them have grown up. shane about died when he saw a picture of little miss poppy! he couldn't believe she'd grown up so much in 8 months!
by the way, i found the card you guys made before i left and i read it again and cried. it was so sweet. thanks so much for doing that.