Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Project update

Baby dresser, complete with baby belongings...Check!

Wall to basement...Check!

Window from Betina, only a year after she gave it to me...Check!

Dumpster bookshelf, that surprisingly holds a ton of books...Check!

Although the majority of these are completely non-baby related, they seem to be important tasks that when once finished, bring a sense of peace to my pregnant nesting brain.
I think it is the gratification that comes with being able to manage a task from start to finish, on my own choosing. Unlike choosing when this baby is going to get here. It goes with my impatient side...Busy tasks that fill the space between now and when the baby arrives.
I am seriously trying to fill up my days so that I can focus on other things besides pregnancy. I just recently noticed that so much of what I am doing and thinking revolves around pregnancy. I'm a little burned out on it. I'm ready to resume my "normal" everyday stuff. I want to be able to focus more on whats around me, rather than on the self-pitying tendencies I have been experiencing as of late.
Therefore, because my other two children were a week late, I'm sure there will be more "projects" that I will undertake to take my mind off the impending "due" date.

Speaking of which...I just had a great morning making bread with a bunch of lady friends that i will post about later. In the meantime my next task is...Dinner!


Kristen Woffinden said...

Yay! It all looks so good and I'm totally impressed with how much you can do!

Betina said...

YOU ROCK. Those projects look great.

Suzie-Q said...

Those look so good. You are amazing!
We didn't get to chat much tonight so how is everything going?
Have fun dropping Rick off tomorrow and then get home and take a nap!

Rachel said...

All those projects look great! I've been using cheap paper-back mystery novels to try and distract my brain from pregnancy obsession. You're way is much more productive!

Traci said...

i bet you feel great getting projects done and they all look great. btw- do you know what you are having???

Allison said...

Cute, cute, cute, and cute! (referring the the pictures of each project). Your refinishing jobs seriously look professional! I bet it feels good to get those under your belt before the baby arrives.

Jen said...

wow! good job!!! send some of that nesting vibe my way. lately, my nesting involves my big snuggly pillow and a bed. at any hour. :)

i'm always impressed by your creativity and ability- you have a gift.

Old Warrior said...

OK, having the youngster down here a couple of times in the past month has been nice, but....We Want To See the Letty, O-man and Popster! Guess we will have to schedule a trip up there as soon as the next big project gets done and you think you can stand us for a few days.