Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wheels are a turnin'...but not blogging

We are still alive, I have every intention of posting about a million blog posts...yet I seem to never find the time. Very soon you will get an eyeful.
Still to post about...Yesterday's Seaport River run with friends (believe it or not I am beginning to be able to run again!!!).
Bee updates...Ricky's new hobby
Hazel updates...I must cath her smiling!
garden updates...cold stuff is in (minus the peas, note to self...get them in!)
Oscar and Poppy updates...They have been quite the silly kids. Poppy is mildly obsessed with people dying...must update about our conversations and her prayer routine. Oscar is a zip line king!
Ahhhh....I'm sacrificing blog time for real life. Sorry!

Pretty soon I hope to resume normal capacity. Meanwhile the good news is that the #3 transition is going much better than expected but I am having to prioritize my time a lot more.


Suzie-Q said...

Well, at least things are going well for you, and gee, you have a life even if you do have three at home.
Cna't wait to hear about what is going on. But keep doing what your doing as long as everyone is happy!

Jen said...

so kellen is requesting i plant a giant tree in our backyard for a zip line. :) the kid is OBSESSED!

he had the greatest time hanging out at your house. it really helped me, too, get a grip on reality and focus on where i want our life to head. you have no idea how much i needed to hang out there for awhile... :)