Thursday, June 28, 2007

I should have bought an IPOD!

Oatmuncher(a.k.a. Rickster)-"Are you close to being finished yet?" (said in tone Ready For Bed)
Me- "No, Maybe if you would help me with this stupid computer I would be." (said in obvious frustration)
O.M.- "Let see...You know...You really are like your Dad when it comes to computer problems..."
Me -"Yeah, Well after the 50Th time of trying to get this stupid MP3 player to download my music for my spinning class tomorrow...You would be too."

At this point I realize that yes, indeed my frustration level had not quite reached that of my father...I at least had not cursed at the computer and made threats of it's imminent death.
To this, I decided to stay up until I figured it out...currently it is 10:45 and I have just finished FINALLY figuring it out...or at least I successfully added the playlist to the SANSA. I don't quite remember everything I clicked or checked or unchecked but somehow it worked! I WIN!

Note to self ...when wanting motivation to finish a project, just ask O.M. to tell me I'm like my father and I will make sure that it gets finished (in the words of my father "Hell or High water!")... (I do believe this raging determination came from him too).
It's probrably why he married me!


climbingrocks said...

dude, I had a yepp, and yep, it sucked!! oh my gosh it was horrible, I love my shuffle, its so small and perfect. Next time you find a 80 dollar bill pick yourself up one.

Betina said...

I wish I had an IPOD for the same reason - very user friendly.

I love my MP3, but one day I will switch.

Jamison Fischer said...

"for the 50th time..." - once again "I remind everybody of the definition of insanity. Trying the same thing expecting different results.

insane warrior said...

J-so just how insane are you? (rminding people "once again"...?) Are you expecting a change in behavior this time?

Lisa B. said...

it's never too late to cross to the dark side (ipod):) hey you could sell your mp3 on craigs:)

dillydad said...

You go girl

dillydad said...

Roses are red apples are redder... Your hair reminds me of an Irish setter